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Senior Neighbors assistance programs in Kent County for the elderly.

The Senior Neighbors program is focused on helping residents who are 60 years old or older. The goal of the organization is to help people in the community remain independent by providing programs focused on crisis intervention and support, as well as access to resources within Kent County or the state of Michigan.

The non-profit’s clients will have individualized plans to help them overcome the challenges they are facing. There are a variety of things that can be addressed by a care package, including but not limited to food and nutritional needs, medical needs, and transportation. The goal is to help people with the things that might make it hard for them to do everyday things.

The Senior Neighbor program will offer a variety of services to clients, including general information, assistance for elder refugees, housing or rent assistance, and home maintenance and repairs. Other assistance includes completing necessary forms for benefits such as Medicare, dental care, addressing medical concerns, access to food resources and a focus on health as well as wellness. There is also information available on free or low cost dental clinics in Michigan.

Other resources and assistance are available based on individual needs and assessment. This is to provide people in Kent County with basic necessities. Assistance can include things like helping with transportation, socializing with others, crisis intervention, preventing utilities from being shut off, managing debt, getting access to the right medication, getting more food, and preventing eviction or foreclosure.

Free or low cost repairs to a home from Senior Neighbors

Low income seniors and disabled people can get help with minor home repairs and maintenance. The Home Maintenance Program provides assistance to people who do not have a strong support system in place. This resource from Senior Neighbors can also provide clients with help for seasonal lawn care and snow removal. This means that the company offers services such as repairing doors, cabinets, furniture, cupboards, fences, windows and installing blinds.

Some electrical work that may be available includes changing light bulbs, replacing light switches/fuses, resetting circuit breakers, and the installation of light fixtures and ceiling fans. Some other services that plumbers provide are fixing toilets, repairing or replacing faucets, unclogging sink drains, installing handheld shower heads, and hanging shower curtains.

The Senior Neighbors organization can help elderly people who are in need by doing safety checks and maintenance for them. Some ways to make a home safer for seniors include installing smoke detectors, applying non-slip materials to steps, replacing batteries in smoke detectors, applying cement patches to steps, adjusting existing handrails appropriately, and removing tack down rugs and carpeting.

Some seasonal services that are offered in Kent County include lawn maintenance (mowing and snow removal), installation and removal of air conditioners, and weatherization of windows and doors.

For more information about the Home Maintenance Program and any other programs for seniors, please call us at 616-459-6019.

Government and public assistance for seniors and retirees

The Senior Neighbors Program has staff that are trained to help seniors that are vulnerable to apply for government benefits. This will include advice on how to use the Medicare and Medicaid programs. There is also a lot of information available for things like Pharmaceutical Company Assistance Programs, grants for rent assistance, or Veteran Administration Benefits.

The counselors from the non-profit can offer general information to help people. They will also help clients by providing information, researching and enrolling them into programs noted below.

Medicare is a health insurance program for qualified seniors age 65 years and older that is funded by the federal government. The vaccine is also available for people aged 65 and over who have been diagnosed with a disability.

There are also different parts. Medicare Part A covers inpatient hospital stays, while Medicare Part B covers outpatient medical services such as doctor’s visits, lab work, and X-rays. Medicare Part D is a prescription drug coverage plan.

If you want additional coverage for your co-payments and deductibles, you can buy Medicare Supplemental Insurance. If you need more information about this resource, you can ask Senior Neighbors. This means that if you are over the age of 60, or have a disability that means you require prescription medications, you can get insurance coverage specifically for those needs through Medicare Part D.

Senior Neighbors can help people who are working but don’t have a lot of money to apply for Medicaid. Medicaid is a program that helps people with medical bills if they meet certain standards. The Medicare Savings Plan offers financial assistance to Medicare beneficiaries who are struggling to pay their Part B premiums. This plan can help cover the cost of premiums, deductibles, and other out-of-pocket costs associated with Medicare Part B. Lastly, there is a low income subsidy available to help with payments for those enrolled in Medicare Part D, including deductibles, premiums, and copays. Learn more about Medicaid, a health insurance program for low-income households.

There are many Senior Neighbors transportation programs available to help in need elderly individuals get to doctor’s appointments, the clinic or grocery store, the local Kent County Senior Center and other essential places in their community. The amount of help someone needs varies from person to person.

The City Bus program in Kent County provides vouchers for public transportation to eligible seniors who need assistance. The Go Bus! Program provides assistance to seniors with disabilities. The PASS program provides transportation to seniors who do not live on or near a designated route, and takes them to their prearranged appointments. The Senior Neighbors organization also offers a PARA transit program that includes buses to multiple locations in the county.

Applying to Senior Neighbors resources

The Senior Neighbors Central Office is located at 678 Front Avenue NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504. The phone number is six-one-six four-five-nine six-zero-one-nine.

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