Shelter Program resources.

The Lewis County Shelter Program can help families who are struggling by providing them with assistance. Services are provided to residents that are struggling that focus on food, energy bill and rent help, and basic needs. The money for these services comes from the community and volunteers. Some of the main programs that help people with limited resources are known as HEN (Housing and Essential Needs) and referrals to DHS (Department of Human Services). More information about these programs can be found below.

There are free food and meals available, which are a combination of items from a pantry, congregate and home delivery to the homebound. This means that people who are struggling can get perishable items, boxes of groceries, and more from supermarkets and restaurants.

There are food delivery services in Lewis County that will deliver meals to people who are unable to leave their homes, such as the disabled and elderly. There may be a weekly supply of frozen meals or holiday items, and volunteers also provide a friendly face and check up on the senior citizens.

Food pantries are a place where people can go to get food when they are facing a financial crisis. Locations may give families access to nutritious perishable fruits and vegetables. There may also be non-perishable groceries, paper items, and toiletries. The Lewis County Shelter Program provides services to those in need on a first-come, first-serve basis. The program is funded through donations, government funding, and partner groups.

Homeless prevention is paid for by government resources such as ESG and the Department of Housing and Community Development. There will be financial assistance and case management for tenants or homeowners who are facing eviction or foreclosure.

Some of the assistance that will be offered to qualified low-income families includes one-time rent assistance and utility bill assistance. This means that there will be a limited amount of money available for borrowing, and in some cases people will have to take out loans. Applicants to the Shelter Program will need to have either a disconnection or eviction notice as well.

Rehousing is a type of homeless prevention that can provide things like government grants for a security deposit or funds for first month’s rent. This will be combined with intensive case management in an effort to ensure the family remains housed and it will break the cycle of homelessness and evictions.

Shelter Program and its partners will ensure that services, such as budgeting and Financial Education, are offered. This will help participants learn more about their finances and make better financial decisions. The seminar will offer tips and advice on creating and sticking to personal and family budgets, understanding interest rates, saving money, and using banking services effectively. Throughout the year, workshops are held in various locations throughout Lewis County.

The job programs in Washington will help unemployed people find work, or those who are underemployed. There are a lot of people who are unemployed or underemployed because the job market is not doing well. Many of those people who need a job do not have the skills, internet access, or ability to find a job in a competitive market.

If you are a serious job seeker and want to learn new skills and grow, you can get free clothing, advice, computer training, and more. This can also be found at local job training and workforce centers. There are programs to help people who are struggling financially or who are unemployed.

The DSHS MCS Resource Center is always available to provide information and support to clients. This will be a single place where clients can go to learn about and apply for services that can help them with their basic needs or self-sufficiency.

There will be information about and access to agencies that specialize in helping people who are less fortunate. There are programs to help low-income people with food and energy bills. Other non-profits in the Lewis County area may offer linkage to help end the cycle of poverty.

The main address for the non-profit is 621 S Diamond St, Centralia, WA 98531. If you want to learn more about the Lewis County Shelter and the HEN service, you can call (360) 736-5140.

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