Short term housing and homeless shelters Monroe County New York

When people are in danger of losing their homes, there are several organizations in Monroe County that offer assistance. Services offered by the organization include emergency homeless shelters and long term transitional housing. While staying at a unit, residents will also be able to work with case managers on finding a place to live permanently.

Families from the Monroe County region who are homeless will be supported in their efforts to break the cycle of homelessness. Other resources that non-profits offer may include things such as food, help with job searches, and assistance with applying for government benefits. There are a variety of affordable housing options available, from public housing to the section 8 voucher program. When you are ready to leave a transitional housing apartment, be sure to ask about financial assistance for paying for a security deposit or first month’s rent. Starting off on the right foot can help prevent future evictions.

The Salvation Army and Genesis House offer a variety of housing resources to the Rochester community. This organization provides emergency shelter for young adults. This gives them a place to stay, along with help learning how to live independently and counseling services. Pregnant women may also be offered short-term housing. The Monroe County non-profit helps keep people off the streets by providing advocacy, case management, and links to permanent housing. They also provide after care support for up to a year after someone leaves the shelter.

The Spiritus Christi Church runs a residential program for homeless men and residents from the county who are entering the community from jail, in-patient facilities, and other situations of homelessness. clients should have some knowledge about the criminal justice system

The YWCA Apartments are located at 175 N Clinton Ave in Rochester, NY. The main phone number for the apartments is (585) 546-5820.

Sojourner House provides a safe place to stay for women and families who have fled abusive homes. Sojourner House is a place where women and families who have fled abusive homes can stay safely. They operate across Monroe County and even in neighboring regions. The organization provides a place for women to stay who are working towards being more independent. The organization provides services such as job and career counseling, help with finding permanent housing, case management, and ongoing support programs for people who have left the transitional housing program but still need assistance. Some other life skills that are provided are skills that can help you get a job, budgeting, self-esteem, and nutrition programs. The Dreamseeds Program is a supplemental support program offered to children who participate in the housing program.

Wilson Commencement Park is a location that offers many services for single parents as well as transitional housing. This location has a telephone number of 585-263-7930. The goal is to help them become independent and self-reliant. This program is designed to help families who are struggling financially or who are homeless. The site also has an early learning center that provides cheaper or free day care and early childhood development programs. Some of the life skills that are taught to participants include how to be a parent, how to maintain good health, CPR training, and networking basics.

The Women’s Place is a center in Rochester, New York that provides support and resources for women.

The Spiritus Christi Church offers a program to help women who are homeless and have a criminal past or background. To get help from this program, call 585-288-1074.

Mercy Community Services provides a safe place to stay for people who are experiencing homelessness, along with other services to help them transition to a stable housing situation. The aim is to help pregnant, parenting teens, single parents and young mothers who lack stable housing or that are behind on their rent and facing eviction.

The DePaul Mental Health Residential Services Program offers Supervised Community Residences for individuals in need of mental health assistance. The agency is located at 1931 Buffalo Road in Rochester, NY, and can be reached by phone at 585-426-8000. The organization provides housing options to income eligible residents who are homeless, disabled, and mental ill through the Shelter+Care Program.

The Open Door Mission (Samaritan House Crisis Center) is a place where people in need can go to get help. They offer a variety of services, including a place to stay, food, and clothing.

The Francis Center Men’s Shelter is a shelter in Rochester, NY for men.

The Shepard’s House is a long-term transitional housing program for females in Rochester, New York. It provides housing and support services to help women transition to independence. For more information, call 585-270-8886. It is not helpful for children. There are no emergency programs.

Catholic Charities of Monroe County is a nonprofit organization that provides social services and assistance programs to low-income individuals and families. Services include housing, food, clothing, and other basic needs. Community Outreach can connect you with different housing programs, including ones for seniors or for cold weather. The Casa is a regional Catholic charity program that offers transitional housing for migrant farm workers in the region. Food, meals, case management, and education/job training are all services that are offered.

The Bethany House is a house for people located on Joseph Avenue in Rochester, New York. The house has a telephone that people can use to call for help.

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