Skagit and Chelan County area Salvation Army assistance programs.

If residents of Washington counties including Chelan, Skagit, and other nearby areas are facing a crisis, they can turn to the Salvation Army. The non-profit has very limited resources, but they try to help the working poor and low income with financial assistance. If the centers can’t help, the Salvation Army may be able to provide referrals to other charities, churches, or non-profits nearby.

The agency’s goal is to assist people in fulfilling their most basic requirements. These are things like shelter, clothing, and food that are necessary for survival. The Salvation Army is a religious organization that helps families in need. They are compassionate and confidential with their services. Case managers try to help individuals make positive changes in their lives.

There are many different types of housing assistance programs available in Chelan and the surrounding area. The Salvation Army can help provide a place to stay for those facing eviction or that are currently homeless, for a short or long period of time.

There are shelters available for both men and women. Some foster parents are willing to take in children. The organization provides emergency services and transitional housing to men and women in the community. This can be for females that are fleeing a domestic violence environment. Housing is available during the winter and during severe weather events. There are shelters in the Chelan and Douglas County region that are designed specifically to help veterans. In an emergency, the Salvation Army will offer a safe place for children to stay for a period of time.

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Emergency rental assistance or motel/hotel vouchers are sometimes available to help people who cannot afford to pay for housing. These can be for when a family is facing eviction or a disaster destroys a home. The Salvation Army will help with resources like money for rent or vouchers for a motel stay. If you are looking for a more long-term solution, you can talk to your case manager about federal government housing vouchers, such as section 8.

The goal is to help families and children stay in their homes or access shelter all year round. The people who work at each center are dedicated to preventing homelessness.

There is a lot of help available for holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving. There are programs available for families who may not have a lot of joy during the holidays. This means that costs such as heating bills are more expensive during winter. Washington families who are struggling financially often experience additional stress during the holidays. Some of what may be offered at the Angel Tree includes free meals, toys, and clothing for children.

Christmas toys and gifts are offered to children from low income families in Skagit and Chelan so that they can have a full Christmas experience. This organization provides toys to families who can’t afford them by relying on the generosity of donors and businesses in the local community.

Utility assistance can help Washington state families keep their water and electric services on. The Salvation Army of Okanogan and Chelan is trying to help people keep their electricity and other basic things. Research any potential money that could help pay for college expenses.

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Some organizations help struggling families by giving them food, groceries, hot meals, and formula. This need is met by food banks and surplus government commodities. Many volunteers also donate money, time, and effort to prepare and serve meals, especially during the holidays. There are food pantries or community meals served by local centers throughout the year. The amount of food given out in these programs increases during the Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons.

Salvation Army centers offer help for seniors. Some organizations partner with agency on aging offices as well. This is a resource for people who are in their retirement years and are seeking ways to connect with their faith. Older Adult Ministries is a resource for people who are retired and want to connect with their faith. These organizations offer a variety of assistance programs to the elderly in Skagit and Chelan Counties in Washington. Churches also hold these services. Senior citizens can receive free meals, applications for low income energy bill assistance, information on medical care programs, and other benefits. Other fun activities are planned as well.

There are two main centers, one in Wenatchee, WA and one in Anacortes, WA. This is a phone number.

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