Social services and assistance from Union County Catholic Charities.

The Union County Catholic Charities organization is a local branch of the Newark Diocese. They provide a variety of social services for groups such as seniors, the working poor, children, and those who are less fortunate. The organization offers services that help people find jobs, improve their education, and become more independent. If you can get financial aid, it won’t be much. Union County Catholic Charities can help with energy bills, rent, or prescription medications.

There are job search skills and sessions. This means that clients will be able to work with specialists who can help them learn the skills they need to be successful in their job search. This means having the skills to use a computer, creating a strong resume, and being able to access the internet without having to pay.

Education is more important than the job program. There are classes available to help people prepare for the GED in Union County and other areas. The purpose of this Catholic Charity resource is to help participants improve their skills so they can pass the high school diploma equivalency examination in New Jersey.

Other employment and Workforce Development services include training for careers such as commercial driving, office technology, English as a second language, and food service, as well as nursing and other careers. Supportive Assistance for Individuals & Families is also available through these services.

Catholic Charity provides a service called the Union County Emergency Food and Nutrition Network. This service provides food and nutrition assistance to people in need. There are many churches and parish-based soup kitchens, food pantries, and shelters in the area that the Archdiocese of Newark covers, which includes Union County. The program provides food and grocery assistance from a wide network of food pantries to low-income people in the region.

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The program, known as EFNN, uses federal government emergency funds as well as private donations for food pantries to help those in need. Some of the other resources available for Lent include Catholic Relief Services’ Operation Rice Bowl program and others that focus on healthy eating.

Food shopping and meals on wheels is a service for older adults or disabled residents of Union County who are unable to leave their homes. Catholic Charities partners with Agency on Aging centers to provide services to older adults. This program is for those who are unable to shop for themselves or prepare a meal. This means that the applicant cannot have another person who is primarily responsible for taking care of them.

The Help a Family at Christmas project provides Christmas assistance to families in need through Catholic Charities and its member churches. Donors in Union County help families and children in need have a Christmas by giving them presents. There may be free gifts, meals, toys, coats, and more available for children, seniors, and infants.

Housing Services can help you find a place to live if you are homeless, have children, are a single parent, or need other assistance. They can help homeless men and families in Union County by giving them a place to stay and providing them with necessary services. There are many transitional housing programs or shelters in the region, including Franciska Residence, St. Rocco’s Emergency Family Shelter, Canaan House, and St. Lucy’s Emergency Shelter.

Some of the housing solutions may include a link to emergency assistance from other organizations. This can include funds for a partial rent payment, landlord mediation, or money for utility bills, if it will help to keep someone from becoming homeless.

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Caregiver support provides people who are caring for a disabled or elderly family member with temporary assistance, support, and counseling. It can help reduce the negative experiences that many caregivers of elderly people go through. This store is located on 505 South Avenue East in Cranford New Jersey.

There are places where you can get help with your immigration status across the state. This organization provides assistance with immigration problems. This means providing affordable legal assistance to immigrants. This means that the organization will help immigrants with everything from becoming citizens to dealing with deportation.

Catholic Charities can assist with a variety of issues including but not limited to: family petitions, Temporary Protected Status, consular processing, fraud waivers, work permit requests, and many other cases. If needed, they can also rely on their nationwide network for additional support.

Other programs the charity offers can include workshops on nutrition and life skills, case management services, advocacy services, and help with government benefits. The center can be reached by phone at (908) 497-3950. It is located at 505 South Avenue East, Cranford, New Jersey 07016.

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