Some examples of successful work from home jobs can help with bills and pay off debt.

A “work from home” job that pays $9-$20/hour has been a distant dream for many years. Things may have changed. There are examples of people finding a position as well as companies looking for staff. Many corporations are looking for work-at-home employees, even in this tough economy.

A big reason for this growing trend is that most of these employees are not getting benefits, like insurance coverage for their medical bills, they do not require expensive office space, and these employees will usually come with their own equipment like computers, phones, and printers. This means that the employer can reduce the number of staff or the number of hours that they work, without having to go through a long and complicated process. This means that employers can save money by reducing expenses if necessary.

Examples of stories from at home workers as well as employers

Lori Lincoln is an example of someone who is successful. The home is both where Lincoln’s family is located and it is also where her office is. The home is a place where Lincoln can feel comfortable and relaxed with her family, as well as a place where she can focus on work and get things done. This mother of two only has to go up a short set of stairs to get to her home office, which is just around the corner. This is so convenient!

Lori is in a job where she makes $9 to $14 per hour. This helps her pay her bills every month. She works for a company that offers seminars to business professionals and her job is to answer the phone for 20 hours each week. The name of her job is “call center professional.”

What she does is she tells her employer the hours that she is available to work from home during certain days of the week, and then from that, they will go ahead and provide her schedule for that week, Lincoln said. The ability to work from home is very flexible. Both Lori and the employer can increase or decrease the number of employees as needed to meet the demands of the business.

Pam Hill is another person who also works from home. Her co-workers are her family cat and bird. Pam is a coach who helps other at-home workers. She is paid $20 an hour or more for this position. Her job is to help customers with whatever they need and to coach them through the process.

She will receive compensation for the time she spends on break. In addition to her regular lunch break, she is also allowed personal time for appointments and other activities. Said Hill, it is really nice that she can walk away from the job whenever she wants to.

There are only two people who have been successful in this industry. There are a lot of stories that are similar to theirs. Both women work from home and are part of a network of home workers put together by Alpine Access.

A virtual call center is a type of call center where agents are not physically present in a central location. This means that all of their customer service representatives work from home, receiving inbound calls from clients and customers. Remi Weber, the recruitment manager for Alpine Access, believes this.

This company is looking to hire 200-300 people per year, with open positions at any given time. The number of hires may go up or down over time. You can apply for a job at Alpine Access by going to their website.

There are other work from home agencies that are looking for employees. There are many other ways to make money from home.

Many people are finding success with online survey companies. Some people say they make good money doing that. There are other opportunities for writing, such as online articles, as there is a continuous need for new website content.

Mary Susan Costa is an employee of Working Solutions who works from home. She provides companies with other data entry agents and call center agents for work at home opportunities.

A lot of the projects that company does are medical based, as well as a fair amount of technical support projects. There are also data entry projects that either require typing information into a computer or checking information online. Costa said that many people who work for the organization need the extra income to help pay debts and bills.

What is the starting pay for someone new to this field?

Costa said that work from home employees generally earn between $9 and $12 an hour. Since there is no need to commute or dress up for work, employees can save money on those expenses. There are multiple companies that offer work opportunities, and SYKES is just one of them. One place you can apply for multiple roles is online. To apply for a job with Working Solutions, go to

Lastly, there is Laura Hoffer who, like the others, works from home to save on expenses and make a bit of extra money. She schedules repairs that need to be done around the house. Hoffer said that she provides repair services and telephonic support to people when their appliances break down.

She is a stay at home mom who blogs about working from home. In addition to her salary, she also earns money from that position. Many home workers will have more than one job. She’s gotten a lot of feedback from people using her website.

The blog and the jobs listed on the blog are free to apply for. If a “work-at-home” offer doesn’t require you to pay a fee to start, it might be legitimate. You shouldn’t have to pay to apply for a job, she said. This means that if a job offer asks you to pay a fee in order to start working from home, it is not a real job offer.

Hoffer recommends looking on job sites like,, and for work-from-home opportunities. A consolidator is a website where you can search for multiple job postings at once. is one example of a consolidator website. Although online job resources can be helpful, she warns that many of the postings are not legitimate. Therefore, users should be extra careful when using these resources.

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