Assistance Program

Sonoma County free holiday and Christmas assistance.

For families in Sonoma County who need assistance during the holidays, there are a number of resources available, including charities, schools, and government agencies. Income qualified families may be provided with toys, games, food, and hot meals, with some seniors or the disabled able to have items delivered to them.

The goal is to help families who are less fortunate during Christmas and Thanksgiving. The goal is to help as many children and others as possible, even if it is just one toy and a small meal. The non-profits in Sonoma County depend on donations from the locals and businesses, so it is important to give back when possible.

The programs are explained in more detail below. There are many agencies that offer help to those in need. You can call one of these agencies to apply for assistance. This means that they will take whoever applies first, regardless of whether or not they are qualified.

The Salvation Army in Santa Rosa is helping out families with children under the age of 15 this holiday season by adopting them. In Sonoma County, you can enjoy presents, meals, small toys, and more. There may also be help with managing your case and getting financial aid.

The Catholic Charities of Santa Rosa provides Christmas and holiday meals for seniors. The organization is located at 987 Airway Court in Santa Rosa, California, and the application process can be initiated by calling 707-528-8712. Some parents with low incomes, single mothers, and disabled people may receive toys or other small gifts.

The Redwood Gospel Mission Homeless Shelter is a place where children, teens, and families can go to get a meal. The shelter is located at 1821 Piner Road in Santa Rosa, CA.

This charity provides gift certificates, donated toys, and more for children aged toddler to teenager. Dial the charity at (707) 869-3613 for more information.

These items are then given to families in need within the community The items are then given to families who have low incomes and children in Sonoma County through their partners. There are many agencies which can help children who are in difficult situations, for example the Giving Tree or the Y.W.C.A. Safe house. Schools can also be a good place to turn to for help, as they may have special programs in place to support children who are struggling.

Toys are collected for children in need. The Guerenville Holiday Community Dinner & Toy Drive is an annual event where a free meal is served at Christmas, and toys are collected for children in need.

The Forestville United Methodist Church is open only to residents of Forestville. To apply, please call 7-887-2020. Free food is offered on Thanksgiving and Christmas, as well as other holidays.

Redwood Gospel Mission provides holiday services for the homeless, underemployed, and working poor. The main phone number is 707-542-4817. There may be free things like dinner, presents, meals, coffee, and even services like haircuts.

The Windsor Service Alliance is a program that helps students at Windsor High Schools. The program is offered in partnership with Kiwanis.

The goal is to offer a free food basket to Sonoma residents in need during the Christmas season. A variety of food including meats, fresh fruits, and more are available. Some clients are given a gift certificate which can be used to purchase a service or product from the business.

Petaluma Blvd., Petaluma, CA 94952 The Salvation Army Petaluma Corps is located at 21 S. Petaluma Blvd., Petaluma, CA 94952. The Salvation Army provides free Christmas programs, shelter, and a food pantry for people in need. Other resources are also available.

The Vintage House provides meals either on site or through home delivery for seniors. To order a meal, call 707-996-0311. This is available during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Sonoma County is a thrift store that sells low cost toys, clothes and more. Their main phone number is (707) 584-1579. Some families that meet the requirements may be given a voucher to pay for free items at Christmas.

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