Springfield Partners for Community Action Agency programs.

The goal of Partners for Community Action is to help families overcome poverty. The non-profit helps people in Springfield and Hampden with money and other support. The resources available include help with housing and eviction, support for veterans and seniors, and other assistance.

The community action agency helps people with their credit and foreclosure problems. This service provides families with the financial stability they need.

If you are struggling to pay your utility or heating bills, you may be able to get financial assistance from your local government or charities. This program is for families who do not make a lot of money or who did not qualify for the Fuel Assistance program in Massachusetts. This is a short-term program designed to provide financial assistance on a one-time basis.

This means that people will need to go to a workshop to learn about how to save money in their household as well as how to save energy. In addition, any payments from Springfield Partners for Community Action will be made directly to your energy company. This will help to ensure that your energy bill is paid on time and in full. The phone number is (413) 263-6500.

An Eviction Clinic is a place where tenants can get help preparing for their Hampden County Housing Court hearing. Clients can receive free counseling, advice, and support. This organization is for people who are about to become homeless, people who are behind on their rent, and families who are at risk of being evicted from their apartments or homes.

Mediation between landlords and tenants can also be organized. This means that tenants can learn about money management if they want to. The Eviction Clinic is a place where people can go to get help with eviction. It is held every Wednesday from 5 pm to 6:30 pm at 721 State St., Second Floor.

Weatherization is a program where the community action agency helps people conserve energy in their homes for free. Some homeowners were able to save money on their heating and utility bills, averaging over $400 a year.

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Auditors from Springfield Partners will come to your house to inspect it and also analyze your heating system. This will determine what energy-saving and conservation measures are needed. The work that is being done includes caulking to seal cracks, adding weather-stripping for doors and windows, adding insulation to walls and attics, and air sealing measures. This work will be performed by insured and licensed contractors. To make a phone call to the number (413) 263-6500.

The Credit Counseling program offered by Springfield Partners for Community Action provides Hampden residents with one-on-one guidance to improve, establish, or repair their credit. The program is offered at no cost or at a low cost. There are also workshops that are organized. A certified counselor will help you figure out your credit rating. They will help you reduce your debt and improve your credit score.

The state of Massachusetts HomeCorps Borrower Recovery Initiative offers foreclosure help. The Attorney General’s Office and the Massachusetts Association for Community Action (MASSCAP) also offer this.

The goal of the Initiative is to reduce homelessness and foreclosures in the county. However, aid is also offered for those who have already lost their home. HomeCorps can help with things like finding free legal assistance, modifying home loans, finding new housing, financial literacy and credit counseling, preventing homelessness, and potentially providing direct financial support.

There is other housing counseling available in addition to the foreclosure assistance already mentioned. This agency is certified by HUD to provide counseling services to people who are struggling with their housing situation. The topic of this piece is displacement and housing relocation assistance, post-purchase counseling, and free education to potential first-time homebuyers. It covers how these topics can help people stay in their homes, as well as predatory loan lending counseling.

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You can become self-sufficient by using Job Readiness Programs and other resources. The goal of the case managers and staff from Community Action Agency of Hampden County is to help people who are homeless and living in poverty.

As part of this process, an intake and assessment meeting will need to occur with someone who can help with job readiness. At the meeting, the clients and the case manager will assess your needs and figure out what the best plan is to help you get to where you want to be.

The non-profit will be hosting workshops that focus on self-sufficiency, job readiness and career development. This will help you to develop your resume and cover letter skills, as well as giving you referrals to job training and placement services. In some cases, transportation, such as a free bus pass, is made available to help people get around.

The purpose of financial literacy and credit counseling workshops is to teach people how to reduce debt, establish household budgets, create savings accounts, and maintain and build good credit scores. There will be multiple sessions offered, including coverage for Spanish-language speakers who live in Hampden County. This is also partly paid for by a local housing organization.

Outreach services are available for veterans and their families. The organization provides health care, government benefits, and memorial services to the community.

Staff work with local charities and veteran organizations. Making sure different services work together and are easy to get to. Get help with filing disability claims, getting referrals for preventive services, paying rent and utility bills in an emergency, accessing veterans’ programs like education benefits, and getting information about other services.

The SSVF program is a partnership between the Soldier On organization and the government. They offer support and services to veterans and their families living in western Massachusetts, Hampden County. This includes help with things like housing, employment, and education. There are programs that can help with housing costs and preventing homelessness. Some programs can help with paying rent or security deposits, while others can help with employment assistance. There are also programs that can provide referrals to appropriate resources.

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Individual Development Accounts are like savings accounts, but with an added bonus. For every dollar you save, you receive a matching amount from a designated organization, up to a certain limit. This allows you to save money for specific purposes, such as buying a home or starting a business, while also receiving assistance in reaching your goals. If the client saves money, the agency will offer a partial grant that is matched by the client’s savings, within program limits. The money can be used to start or capitalize a business, buy a home, or maybe pay for college.

Low-income taxpayers, including seniors, can get free help with their taxes from the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program and the Low Income Taxpayer Clinic. They can get their taxes done for free. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) provides answers to questions about procedures.

The clinic and VITA program provides educational seminars and counseling to low-income individuals. Also, staff will work to make sure that people receive any tax credits they may be eligible for, such as the Child Tax Credit, the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), or education credits.

The New Beginnings Childcare Center is a place for students who are under the age of 5. The Springfield Partners for Community Action have an affordable, fully licensed center at 721 State Street. Payments can be in the form of a voucher, Sliding scale, and/or ECC Subsidized slots. This is a phone number for someone in the United States.

The Springfield Partners for Community Action is an organization that helps Hampden County residents from their office in Springfield, Massachusetts. Call the number 413-263-6500

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