St. Brigid Catholic Church basic need programs.

The St. Brigid Catholic Church operates a resource center where residents can go for help, regardless of their income. The community offers a variety of programs and services, including a food pantry, financial assistance, and referrals to regional non-profits, to help residents in need. The church does its best to help people, even though it cannot assist everyone.

Eligible clients can attend financial literacy workshops to learn basic financial skills, money management, and different ways to secure their future. This church partners with highly trained staff to improve their finances.

It helps people manage their money better. The result is that clients will be able to stability, pay their debts, avoid homelessness and improve the quality of their lives. The Financial Literacy program will help them to understand how to manage their budget and change their negative attitudes towards money. The goal of the St. Brigid Catholic Church service is to help people develop the skills they need to lead a stable life at home.

The food pantry at the church is for people who are struggling to get food and need help. This will include families with children, disabled adults, and senior citizens. There may be free things like diapers and baby food, as well as clothes, for low income families. If the St. Brigid Catholic Church food bank is unable to provide assistance, then they will give referrals to other programs in Kings County.

The St. Brigid Catholic Church Center Case Management Service helps connect children and families with resources that can help them the most. Reaching goals. This will help people meet their basic needs, and assist with any physical or mental challenges.

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The goal of case management is to ensure that all individuals and families are treated with respect, can provide their own feedback and input, and have their voices heard. This means that parents can choose to take part in the program or not, and their personal information will be kept private. This case management process at St. Brigid Catholic Church helps people to grow stronger and have a more solid foundation.

St. Brigid Catholic Church has a program that provides referrals for free or low cost medical and dental care, as well as mental health counseling. Kings County residents have access to immunization clinics, nutrition classes, and vision and hearing checks as needed. How do I apply for Medi-Cal? The case manager may do these things.

The goal is to address any health or development concerns that may arise in a child’s early life. This means that programs like Head Start may be brought up earlier in conversation. There are also staff who are trained to help clients fill out applications and renewal forms for Medi-Cal and other state of California benefits.

Locate financial support

The cost of financial aid will be covered by referrals. There are utility bill assistance programs that can help with costs, like LIHEAP. There are often programs that offer help with one-time rental or mortgage payments, or help with prescription costs for those who are sick. If someone is in a crisis, they can be referred to more intensive services for help. This includes programs that provide one-on-one support, as well as support in dealing with confidential matters.

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The staff work with families who are in danger of losing their homes or are already homeless. In order to prevent homelessness, financial aid is available for rent and other expenses. If it is getting late, St. Brigid Catholic Church will help clients find another place to stay so that they don’t become homeless.

The church can help families who are stressed and live in Kings County. They can ensure they have access to the resources they need for legal issues, emergency financial aid, government grants, and meeting the basic needs of their family. There is also support available to them on nutrition and money matters. There are many other resources that can help you, including Youth and Parent Services, Toys for Tots Enrollment, Medicaid Insurance Application Assistance, Immunizations/TB Referrals, Dental Programs, and more. To reach the church, please call 559-582-2533.

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