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St. Clair and Madison County area St. Vincent assistance programs.

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Belleville and southern Illinois is a Catholic organization that helps low income families and the needy. They do this by providing services such as food, clothing, and shelter. Some of the ways that they can help are listed below. St. Vincent de Paul is an organization that helps families in need. They will try to meet basic needs, such as food and shelter. They also help families during a crisis.

This charity organization’s conferences cover southern Illinois, including Madison, Monroe, and St. Clair Counties. Other areas are also supported. One way that churches and religious organizations help the community is by offering core services through a local parish group known as a conference. This group provides many services that help people in need. There are almost 20 different conferences in the region that offer various types of material and financial assistance. Despite the lack of money and the reliance on donations from kind-hearted individuals, some of the services that can be provided are the following.

Assistance for people in a crisis who are about to be evicted or have their utilities disconnected. If you are in danger of having your heat turned off or if you have run out of oil, then you may be eligible for assistance. The government provides financial assistance for energy, natural gas, and electricity.

The society may have funds to help with transportation costs like repairing your vehicle or getting gas vouchers if you need transportation for work.

St. Vincent can provide clothing, food, personal hygiene products, free school supplies, and winter coats for people in the Belleville area. Some seasonal and holiday programs may be organized.

The medical needs of the refugees are very limited and basic. It can include medical care received at a hospital, clinic, or doctor’s office, as well as care received at a pharmacy.

Churches are important charity organizations in the region. The Society of Saint Vincent is organized into local conferences, which provide services and assistance to members.

The Holy Childhood of Jesus Conference is located at 104 North Independence in Mascoutah, Illinois. To schedule an appointment, please call 618-566-2958.

Blessed Sacrament Conference provides direct assistance to those who are struggling with poverty and other social issues. They also work to connect individuals and families with resources that can help them improve their situation. The organization provides a food pantry, furniture, clothing, and other essential items to families in need. They also offer services such as budget counseling and job readiness assistance. This organization provides food, emergency financial aid, and case management services to people in need.

The church’s main address is 116 Church Street in Cahokia, IL. The church’s phone number is 618-337-4548.

This parish serves those who are low income in Monroe County, Illinois. This organization provides food and other necessities to people who are struggling financially.

The Queen of Peace Conference Address is a event held at the 5923 North Belt West in Belleville, IL 62223-4299. The event is organized by the phone number 618-234-6196.

The St. Mary Conference is located at 1722 West Main Street in Belleville, Illinois. The conference center can be reached at 618-233-2391.

This charity is located across the river from Saint Louis in St. Clair County and provides support to the city.

The St. Augustine of Hippo Conference is a yearly event that happens in East St. Louis, Illinois. This year, it will be happening on Columbia Place on 408. Call 618-274-0655 for more information on hours and accessibility.

The St. Boniface Conference in Clinton County, Illinois offers emergency rental assistance, referrals, spiritual guidance, and a free hot meal to those in need. For more information, please contact the conference at 618-523-4271.

St. Clare, St. Nicholas and Corpus Christi Conference are all located in O’Fallon, Illinois. The phone number for all three conferences is 618-632-4270.

The address of St. Nicholas is 625 St. Nicholas Drive in O’Fallon, Illinois.

The church/conference provides food, financial assistance, medications, and other basic needs to low-income individuals in Monroe County.

3rd Ave.Union City, CA The St. Francis Conference is a conference that is held in Union City, CA. The conference is held in order to discuss different topics and to bring awareness to different issues. The address is Clinton Street in Aviston, Illinois. The phone number is 618-228-7219.

The St. Henry Conference is located at 5315 West Main Street in Belleville, Illinois. Phone number for the conference is 618-463-2411. There are resources available to help prevent homelessness, including landlord/tenant mediation.

The food pantry at St. James Conference provides Thanksgiving and Christmas meals, clothing, and other items to those in need. The church is located at 405 West Madison in Millstadt, Illinois, and the pantry can be reached at 476-3513.

The St. Teresa Conference is located at 1201 Lebanon Avenue in Belleville, Illinois, and can be reached by telephone at 618-233-6461.

1411 Cross is located in O’Fallon, IL and is named after St. Clare of Assisi.

Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012 The St. Bruno Conference is located at 204 N. Main Street in Los Angeles, CA 90012. This charity provides assistance to residents of Perry County, Illinois. Heating bills, clothing, Christmas meals, and activities for children are all made easier to access.

23rd St The St. Joseph Conference is a gathering of people who discuss and debate various topics. The conference is held at the St. Joseph church in North 23rd Street. The Alton conference is part of the St. Clair area conference and is located in Lebanon, Illinois. The conference phone number is 618-537-2575.

The St. Luke Conference is located at 301 North Church Street in Belleville, Illinois. The conference partners with other churches and charities in the region. Christmas assistance may be offered in the form of financial aid for basic needs.

4th Street, Duluth, Minnesota The St. Peter Cathedral Conference is a conference that will be held at the St. Peter Cathedral in Duluth, Minnesota. The address is Harrison Street, Belleville, Illinois 62220 and the phone number is 618-277-7837.

The St. Stephen/Holy Trinity ConferenceCall phone line is open for a limited number of hours each day. Call 618-397-2218 to speak to someone during those hours.

Euclid Ave. Upland, CA The Saint Stephen Catholic Church is located at 901 S. Euclid Ave. in Upland, California. Free food, clothing, and medication may be distributed at this location. The website may have information about where to go for transportation, job training, and self-sufficiency.

The address of Holy Trinity Catholic Church is 505 Fountains Parkway in Fairview Heights, Illinois.

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