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St. Croix County Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Salvation Army is focused on helping the low income and poor across the region, including in St. Croix, Polk, Burnette and Pierce Counties. There are many different types of social services, case management, and emergency assistance available. The organization tries to end hunger and homelessness. This means that if there are enough resources, people can get help with paying for things like rent, food, and utilities.

The Salvation Army is an organization that helps people who are facing a crisis. The Salvation Army of St. Croix County Wisconsin helps people with emergency expenses like rent, utility bills, prescription medications, medical and dental care. Transportation can be organized for seniors and people with disabilities. There is a process that people need to follow in order to be eligible for something. Many families in the area, including Polk and Pierce, rely on these resources for help.

Grace Place is a resource that provides transitional housing. This shelter will provide a place for homeless families and individuals to stay in the St. Croix River Valley area, including areas such as Burnette County. This is the first housing shelter / apartment in the area that is designed to help people transition from being homeless to having a home.

The guests of the Grace Place will also be expected to do things for themselves and not rely on others. The Salvation Army helps people become more independent by giving them the chance to solve problems and by providing a safe place to live. Being responsible for oneself and one’s family is something that is encouraged when individuals are given an education and are taught to be self-sufficient.

While in the transitional housing program, social workers will help clients develop a plan for long-term housing stability for their family. This website provides information on affordable housing, rent assistance programs, security deposit assistance, and more. Harmony House is another option that is local. This is a program that is only for one family and is based in Somerset, Wisconsin.

The programs offered at Grace Place, including those that qualify residents in St. Croix and surrounding counties, are available to anyone who meets the requirements. The United Way of St. Croix County, the Pierce/St. Croix Housing Resource Network, and the Salvation Army are all key partners.

Residents will be provided with free food, education, job training activities, counseling, and assistance in finding jobs and permanent housing. This organization provides a place to live and access to essential community resources for those in need. This empowerment allows residents to become self-sufficient over the long term.

The Moola For Milk Campaign is a program that provides free milk for children. This organization helps people who live in Burnette, St. Croix, Polk, and Pierce Counties. The Salvation Army provides free milk coupons to food pantry participants who qualify in St. Croix and Pierce counties. They will also provide coupons to low income and poor families participating in the “Happy Kids” backpack program. This will help those families with ease of access to food. The goal is to help reduce hunger and food insecurity in Wisconsin.

The BackPack Program provides food and other necessities for students and children from low income families. This program is designed to help students who rely on free or reduced-priced school lunch during the academic year. The food pantry can help provide food for hungry children and those from low income families at times when other resources are not available. This can include times like school vacations and weekends.

The Salvation Army will fill backpacks with food and groceries in partnership with other organizations to help children in need. The food that is being given out is good for children, does not go bad quickly, is easy to eat, and has vitamins in it.

In addition to passing out free nutritious food and snacks to school children in need, some BackPack programs in St. Croix Wisconsin provide extra items for their younger siblings who are at home. This is focused on helping people during the summer months when children are out of school and have limited access to free or reduced-priced meals. It runs in some schools like the New Richmond School District, St. Croix County Head Start and the Somerset School District. Many people work together to make this program successful.

There is also a room where food is stored. The Salvation Army partners with other organizations to keep a food pantry stocked and available for families and individuals who need it in the Somerset School District or St. Croix County. This is only offered to income and otherwise qualified residents in an emergency situation. The pantry will give families a chance to pick the foods and groceries they want. The food bank also offers nutrition and budget education, as well as help with applying for food assistance programs like SNAP.

The two main, local Salvation Army centers are in Somerset and Siren, Wisconsin.

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