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St. Petersburg and Pinellas County Catholic Charities assistance programs.

Catholic Charities provides assistance programs, support services, and other help in St. Petersburg and Pinellas County. They help families with short term problems and give them the tools they need for a more stable future. Some resources available in the St. Petersburg area include free food, clothing, medical care, and more. Catholic Charities is a non-profit organization that provides services to the needy in Florida. They offer a variety of resources, including financial assistance, food, and housing.

Free basic needs and financial assistance from Catholic Charities

The Friends in Need program at Catholic Charity of Pinellas County can help people with basic necessities like food and shelter. The Ministry of Mercy provides basic needs like shelter, food, and clothing to people in need. The organization will try to offer both help and hope to low income, unemployed, and other families and individuals in need. Friends in Need will provide education on job placement, case management, life skills, free medical care, and more. The company’s headquarters is located at 1213 16th St. N., in Saint Petersburg, Florida. To reach customer service, please call 727-893-1313.

Catholic Mobile Medical is a nonprofit organization that provides social services, health promotion, and free medical care to low-income and uninsured people in the community. The program uses doctors, nurses, and other social service and health professionals who volunteer their time and services. Together, they offer high-quality, free medical care to those who are poor and uninsured in rural Pinellas County.

The Catholic Charity program helps low income families and people without health insurance by providing them with health care. The program is run by the State of Florida Department of Health Volunteer Health Care Provider Program. This service is only for people who cannot get medical or dental services from other sources. Some other regions that are covered are Dover, San Jose Mission, Fl. St. Clement Catholic Church, and Plant City.

Some of the conditions that are covered include routine well woman exams, health promotion and disease prevention, and health screenings for high blood pressure and diabetes. The medical center will also offer acute primary medical care, follow-up care, and referral services. There are many ways to get help with cancer expenses and medical bills. You can look for support from charities, government programs, or even your friends and family.

The Mobile program is a bus that goes directly to the people it is meant to serve. The mobile clinics are set up in advance and during times that are convenient for people that are working or have other obligations during the week. Mobile clinics are held at sites that are easy to get to in St. Petersburg and the county, such as day care centers, churches, and community-based social service agencies. Another option for healthcare is a stationary community clinic located at the San Jose Mission in Dover, Florida. Call the number 813-707-7376

The Shelters of Hope program from St. Petersburg Catholic Charities provides housing and shelter, and is also part of the Ministry of Mercy area. This program provides safe living environments for families and individuals who are facing a crisis, such as eviction or homelessness, and have limited income or a disability.

This program can also help senior citizens and the elderly. Some seniors who have very little income may be able to get help with housing, including a place to stay and other assistance.

Employment and case management from Catholic Charities in Pinellas County

The Refugee and Entrants Employability Status Assistance Program provides another option for employment. Free immigration services are available for asylees, Cuban entrants, and refugees, as well as referral and follow-up services. The services offered can help people become employed and more independent over time.

This Catholic Charity program provides services related to applying for refugee status, renewing or replacing a work permit, and responding to requests for evidence from the government. The staff at the Catholic charity church can help you with things like changing your location, reopening or reconsidering your case, getting a fee waiver, getting a waiver, requesting information from the government, correcting or replacing your I-551, applying for naturalization, correcting or replacing your SSN, correcting or replacing your I-94, and checking your status.

There are resources available to help immigrants. This program provides newcomers with quality, affordable immigration services. The services are open to people of all backgrounds. The program provides help with things like finishing and turning in an affidavit of support, naturalization papers, adjustment of status, replacement of immigration documents.

They help immigrants in Pinellas County with status changes, petitions for family reunification, political asylum, extensions of non-immigrant visas, and other services. The program is available to immigrants in the Pinellas county area, regardless of whether or not they are able to pay. The cost of something may be determined by how much money someone makes. There are other programs that help immigrants besides just charities. Some government programs help with things like housing and food. There are also programs that help with things like getting a job or learning English.

Case management services help refugees and immigrants find employment. Services include assessment, screening, consultation and information, representation, and referral to local non-profits and government programs. This means that the national Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) recognizes the program. Some organizations in Pinellas County, Florida offer assistance to immigrants and refugees.

Case management and social services are not just offered for immigrants in Saint Petersburg, Florida, but for other people as well. If someone is unemployed and needs help, or a single mom is seeking advice or a better income, help is offered. Catholic Charities can provide things like GED classes, information on side hustle jobs, budgeting classes, and much more.

Main location of Catholic Charities church

The company serves all of Pinellas County. The organization not only provides financial resources, but also donates items and operates a low-cost thrift store. The address is 1213 16th St N, St. Petersburg, Florida 33705. Call (727) 893-1313 for intake, appointments or information.

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