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St. Vincent de Paul assistance of Marion and Polk County.

The St. Vincent de Paul organization provides assistance with food and finances in Polk and Marion County, Oregon. Most of the aid is offered in an emergency when an individual has no other options. Funds and grants can be used to pay for food, rent, utilities, heating bills, and more. For more information about Society St. Vincent de Paul’s programs, contact them or visit them in person.

There are many programs that offer emergency assistance. They can help with things like food, housing, and medical care. Some examples of ways that churches help people in need are by providing food, clothing, and shelter. They may also help pay for rent and utilities, or provide sack lunches for the hungry and homeless. The charity helps people who are less fortunate, seniors, unemployed, and others who are struggling.

The Society of St. Vincent provides food for people in need in Marion County and the Mid-Willamette Valley. Volunteers and specialists at the centers can help people find programs that can help with rent and utilities, or offer food, canned goods, and holiday meals. The food centers will try to help the needy with meeting their basic needs, including offering referrals.

The food bank partners with different organizations to help gather and distribute food, including local charities, non-profits, and food share organizations. They also accept donations from people in the community. Canned and boxed food items can be donated at their donation sites or retail stores. The organization will provide free food and other support to more than 600 families a month.

If you use the services at the Society St. Vincent de Paul pantry, you will be able to choose your own canned goods or grocery items, so you can pick the items that are best for you and your family. This approach is more like shopping in a supermarket because it helps people maintain their dignity and decreases wasted food items.

Donations are always needed and appreciated. Past donations have given financial or food assistance to thousands of people, and helped thousands of families, children, and seniors with food, clothing, or other support. Donors from Marion County Oregon and other regions have helped St. Vincent by giving money to help pay for the emergency needs of the families and individuals who abruptly lost their job. Some other types of beneficiaries are grandparents who have to raise their grandchildren, people who are unemployed, senior citizens who live on a fixed income, and the disabled. Many people who ask for food are struggling to pay for their basic needs like rent and utilities because they have been hit with an unexpected expense, like medical or prescription costs. Thank you for your donation to St. Vincent de Paul of Mid-Willamette Valley. Your donation helps thousands of families in need by providing them with emergency assistance.

Other services offered to help people in poverty include things like talking to them one-on-one, giving them money, giving them clothes, and visiting their homes. Get help in applying for government resources such as food stamps or Medicaid. The two retail stores in Salem Oregon offer employment training and fulltime work opportunities. The organization provides an opportunity for people to work or volunteer, which can help those who have faced difficulty in finding employment.

The St. Vincent de Paul Emergency Services Office can be contacted at (503) 364-5672. It is located at 3745 Portland Road NE in Salem, Oregon.

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