Food Pantries

Stearns County free food pantries.

Food and other household items are available from regional pantries. If you need help, these are the places you can go in Stearns County, Minnesota. Many centers will only give a small amount of food, like enough for three days, and you must meet certain standards to get it. The food pantries will only let a customer use the center once a month so that people can’t take advantage of the system. Pantries typically have both fresh and canned goods available. However, the specific items may vary depending on the resources available.

The goal of every center is to help people in emergency or crisis situations. Some food banks can also help connect clients to other social service programs or case managers. These people can help figure out what the person’s underlying challenge is and how to address it. In addition to groceries, some centers can help people apply for assistance with food. The organization may be able to help families with children by providing summer meals, clothing from a closet, and Christmas assistance.

The Albany Area Community Senior Center is a place where elderly people can go to get free meals and other support. The address is 741 Lake Ave, Albany, MN, 56307 and the primary phone number is (320) 845-2343.

The Albany Food Shelf provides emergency food assistance to people in need. The food shelf is located at 741 Lake Ave in Albany, Minnesota. To access the food shelf, please call (320) 845-2343.

The Avon Food Shelf provides food and other necessities to people in need. The address is 438 1st St SE Ste BAvon, MN, 56310 and the phone number for intake is (320) 356-7210. You can give out a 5-7 day supply of food to people once a month. Other people who might be able to help you are case managers or social workers.

The Brooten Belgrade Elrosa Food Shelf is a place where low income people can go to get groceries, meals, and other food items. The food shelf is located at Plesant Ave NBrooten, Minnesota, 56316. The phone number for the food shelf is (320) 254-8443. You will need an emergency food supply that will last for three days, as well as cleaning supplies.

If you’re in need of emergency assistance, Catholic Charities Emergency Services is here to help. We’ll provide you with the support you need to get through whatever difficulties you’re facing, and help you become a healthier and more active member of your community. Give us a call at (320) 229-4560. Emergency services are organizations that provide essential services, like food, clothing, and financial assistance, to people in need in the community.

The Holdingford Area Food Shelf can provide emergency food supplies for up to three days’ worth of items or groceries. You can only use the food shelf once a month.

The Kimball Area Food Shelf, Inc. provides three days’ worth of meals, perishable items, and groceries to qualified families in the Kimball, Minnesota area.

The Paynesville Community Service Center is a place where people in need can go to get clothes and food. The Center is always in need of donations. There are many social services available to people in need, such as food, household items, and paper products. There are government programs that can help with things like food and energy costs. Learn about what assistance is available and how to apply for it.

The Salvation Army is a religious organization that provides assistance to people in need. They have a location in Cold Spring, Minnesota. If you need help from the Salvation Army, you can call their intake number at (320) 685-8785. They have a center in St. Cloud. The Salvation Army has two locations in St. Cloud, Minnesota. The first location is at 400 Highway 10 S, and the second is at 56304. The Salvation Army provides a number of assistance programs to low income individuals, seniors, and those in need. Some of the programs offered include food assistance, utility assistance, and rent assistance. The Salvation Army also provides clothing, furniture, and household items to those in need. This means that people who meet the eligibility requirements can be self-sufficient. The programs offered by the organization include a food pantry, Christmas meals and gifts, and shelter/transition housing. Some organizations may offer financial assistance and family services in emergency situations.

The Sauk Centre Community Connection Food Shelf is a place where people can go to get bags of groceries, clothing, personal hygiene items, and other similar goods. It is located at 523 Sinclair Lewis Ave in Sauk Centre, Minnesota, and its phone number is (320) 351-2287. This means that a large number of people who live in poverty or are considered vulnerable due to their age are taking advantage of the resources offered by the Stearns County government.

The St. Joseph Community Food Shelf provides emergency food assistance for those in need. The food shelf is located at 25 1st Ave NW in St. Joseph, MN, and their telephone number is (320) 250-7121.

The St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Melrose, Minnesota provides emergency food assistance to those in need, provided they meet the requirements of the program. For more information, interested individuals can call the church at (320) 256-4207.

The Saint Stephen Catholic Church is located on 103 Central Avenue in Saint Stephen, Minnesota. The church can be reached by phone at (320) 251-1520.

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