Assistance Program

Strafford County assistance programs.

Help with bills from your town

Each town in New Hampshire is responsible for providing assistance. Some expenses that may need help are rent, heating and utility bills, medications, and more. This is according to New Hampshire Senate Bill One. Call the local town of Dover at (603) 516-6500.

Strafford County Community Action Agency

This is one of the leading non-profits in the area. They want to help low to moderate income residents and other disadvantaged individuals and families in the community. They are determined to meet the basic needs of these people. They provide different types of support and services to achieve their goal.

This program provides assistance to tenants who are struggling to pay their rent, and who have no other sources of funding available to them. In addition, they can help with putting money into your account. The program helps those who need affordable housing by guaranteeing their security deposit. If you’re a tenant and you’re having problems with your landlord, a counselor can help you talk to them and try to resolve the issue.

The goal is to help people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless in the county, including Dover. In addition to the resources above, Strafford CAP may be able to provide loans, using state funds, to help with rent in an emergency.

The first is Crisis Intervention which helps with mortgage, utility, and rent payments to prevent evictions. This assistance is offered in various parts. The first part is Crisis Intervention which helps with mortgage, utility, and rent payments to prevent evictions. The Neighbor Helping Neighbor program is for electric and natural gas customers who are over income to receive fuel assistance. The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program/Fuel Assistance program is available to help with gas bills, electric bills, oil, heating oil, or wood. The New Hampshire Electric Assistance Program is a state program that helps low-income families pay their electric bills. The program is administered by the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services.

A food pantry is a place where people can go to get free food in an emergency.

During the holiday season, people can get help with Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets and meals.

If you are in need of assistance or resources in the Dover, New Hampshire area, you can contact the Strafford County Community Action Committee, Inc. The phone number (603) 516-8140 can be written as six hundred three, five hundred sixteen, eight thousand one hundred forty. For more information about what they offer, click here.

Emergency assistance programs

The Salvation Army has multiple locations. The church based group can help Strafford County families, the homeless, and working poor. There may be food available from a soup kitchen, help available on holidays, and maybe even financial aid. This is a service that is not specifically designated for a certain purpose, and funds may be used for things like energy bills, housing, or rent.

The center in Rochester, New Hampshire can also help with counseling. The ministry will provide guidance to those in need of assistance to help break the cycle of poverty. The Salvation Army offers assistance programs in Strafford County to help those in need. Programs include food assistance, utility assistance, and rent assistance.

The Rochester SHARE Fund is only for residents of Rochester. The office is in the Rochester Community Center on Wakefield Street. Please call (603) 335-0011. There are many different kinds of services that you can get. Here are some of them. There may be grants issued to help with paying a security deposit, mortgage payment, or rent. They also help with bills for utilities, such as water or electricity. If you need help with your energy bill, there are a few things you can do. You can contact your energy provider and see if they have any programs that can help you lower your bill. You can also look into government assistance programs. Finally, you can try to make your home more energy efficient.

The SHARE Funds also helps with medical and health care needs. The staff will help low-income families in Rochester who need emergency medical care, prescriptions, or free counseling. There are even loans available for certain bills, like propane or heating oil, that have low interest rates. To apply, please call (603) 335-0011.

The Rochester City Office is responsible for welfare programs for families living in poverty. There may also be government help for people who have disabilities or for senior citizens. There are many government benefits that low-income families can take advantage of, such as food stamps, cash aid, free medical and dental care, and other services. Case managers may give vouchers for other needs like food or clothes. The address is 31 Wakefield Street, Rochester, NH 03867. Call (603) 332-3505

Food assistance programs

The St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church is located in Dover. Call (603) 742-4837. St. Thomas Episcopal provides a soup kitchen and food pantry to help those in need. I need the number for the library. The Bethany United Methodist Church in East Rochester has a food pantry and a thrift store. Call the number (603) 332-3618

There are a lot of other free food pantries in the county. Residents can also contact their local town office for assistance. There are many different types of assistance available, such as free food, public aid, hot meals, and other support. To find food pantries in Strafford County, you can search online or ask local organizations for help.

Credit counseling

You can visit or call a local Dover NH office of Consumer Credit Counseling Services to get help with your finances. The phone number for customer service is (800) 327-6778. If you’re struggling with debt, the organization may be able to help you. They offer debt management plans and advice on bankruptcies and foreclosure assistance programs. If you are struggling to manage your credit card debt, there are a few things you can do to get help. You can start by talking to your credit card issuer to see if they have any programs that can help you lower your payments or interest rate. You can also look into debt consolidation or credit counseling. These services can help you develop a plan to pay off your debt and get your finances back on track.

Help with medical bills and health care

The Avis Goodwin Community Health Center provides many different types of healthcare services to people of all ages, including dental care. There are health care options available for people who have low incomes or no health insurance. These options may be low cost or free. Call (603) 749-2346.

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