Assistance Program

Summit County assistance programs.

Medical and health care assistance

If you do not have health insurance, the Summit Community Care Clinic can provide you with discounted or free health care. A community health center is a healthcare organization that provides medical care to underserved populations in the local community. This medical clinic is providing effective care at a low cost for the community of Summit County and Breckenridge Colorado. If you don’t have health insurance, there are other ways you can get help.

At Summit Community Care Clinic, you can get help with a lot of different kinds of health care, like going to the dentist, talking to a therapist, getting checkups, getting medicine you need, and doing things to stay physically healthy. They are a health care provider that provides all types of services. To make an appointment at the Frisco Colorado clinic, please call (970) 668-3397.

Rent help, food aid, and more in Summit Colorado

The Family and Intercultural Resources Center helps people in Frisco and Summit County get the assistance they need. They offer a variety of programs to help with things like food, housing, and more. They help people by giving them things they need like food, a place to live, and clothes. The number of people asking for help with food has increased by more than 400% from last year.

They also offer help with rent. The amount of money and people helped has increased by 45% from last year. They are not able to help everyone who needs it, but they will give them information about where to go for help. They have sent 700 clients to other assistance groups. To speak with someone at the University of Colorado, please call (970) 262-3888.

Dillon Community Church is a local group that provides free food for locals in need. They may also be able to provide limited financial assistance to those in need when they have the funds available. Please call (970) 468-2461 to speak with someone from the Dillon, Colorado location.

Assistance from the Family and Intercultural Resource Center

This organization gave out over $100,000 to local families help with paying their rent, utilities, medical assistance, and heating bills. They state that the current demand for rental assistance is 80% higher than usual, and the center’s food bank visits have increased by 300%. The organization is in high demand and is working to help as many people as possible. The number 262-3888 can be written as two hundred sixty-two, three hundred eighty-eight, or eight.

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