Food Pantries

Support from the Greater Cleveland Food Bank.

The Greater Cleveland Food Bank provides support to families or individuals that are struggling with hunger in northeastern Ohio, including the counties of Cuyahoga, Ashtabula, Lake, Ashland, Geauga and Richland. There are too many families in the city and surrounding counties who need help in obtaining affordable, healthy food for themselves and their children on a monthly basis. There are too many people who are hungry, and the Food Bank can help solve this problem.

The non-profit offers a few different ways to help the public. The organization provides services and solutions across the region with the focus on helping families that are facing poverty or need assistance. They are in charge of the biggest operation to help with hunger relief in the region, which includes Cuyahoga, Geauga, and other counties.

The first point of contact for questions or issues is their Help Center. The non-profit is committed to connecting individuals, senior citizens and low income families in need with the food assistance they need. The company provides a toll-free number for people to call for information, or they can go to the main office in person.

This Help Center can help connect you with food pantries and other resources, as well as help you apply for public aid programs like WIC, SSI disability, HELP with heating bills, free school lunches, or SNAP food stamps. They process applications for any government benefits, not just food benefits.

All the information you need, or help with applying, is free and you can trust us to keep it confidential. There is no pressure for applicants to agree to any recommendations from the Food Bank, but staff will help in any way they can.

If you need a referral, we can provide one. The Greater Cleveland Food Bank can help you find food assistance programs in your area, including pantries, soup kitchens, holiday meal sites, and mobile pantries. Some of these companies offer an emergency service or have after hour phone numbers that you can call. The staff will give you the hours, any money you need, and more. This service will help people save time when they are looking for help.

The SNAP application process can also be completed over the phone by calling 1-855-738-2067. This is a program designed to help prevent families from going hungry, and it will provide them with an EBT card that can be used to buy food at their local grocery store.

People who have low incomes, children who depend on them, and the elderly or disabled may be able to get SNAP benefits. There are no time limits for people who are elderly, families with children or people with disabilities to receive SNAP benefits.

The Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) is another key partner. The Food Bank partners with state of Ohio agencies, faith-based organizations, and nutrition educators to help those eligible for nutrition assistance to get the benefits they are entitled to.

You can find fresh produce in northeastern Ohio as well. Every year, millions of dollars are given out in counties such as Cuyahoga, Lake, and others. There may be different types of fruits, vegetables, and even recipes for how to best prepare these items.

The Greater Cleveland Food Bank and its partners serve free meals in the region. The food served will follow the USDA’s nutrition guidelines, with a focus on children and seniors. There may be a variety of food including pasta, soup, meat, and more. There are many organizations that work with the Food Bank to provide emergency meals for people who are needy or homeless.

There is also help available for people who are struggling with poverty and hunger. This includes help with getting an education and advocating for their rights. Families can learn about the importance of a healthy diet by taking classes offered by volunteers and staff. These classes cover the importance of eating a variety of proteins, fruits, dairy items, vegetables, and whole grains. This will help clients develop healthy habits and make smart choices when buying groceries.

94th Ave, Orland Park, IL For more information about the company, you can dial 1-855-738-2067 or go to their main address at 15500 S. 94th Ave, Orland Park, IL. This is an address in Cleveland, Ohio. The street name is Waterloo Road and the zip code is 44110.

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