Assistance Program

Surry County assistance programs.

Utility bill assistance in Surry County

Yokefellow is a non-profit organization that provides electric and water bill payment assistance to low income and other needy individuals. Each applicant is only eligible for up to $100 in assistance. The utility bill assistance program only provides help to eight households per week. The phone number for Mount Airy, North Carolina is (336) 789-5838.

There is another organization called TriCCCMinistry that helps people in the community. If you have a disconnection notice, you may be able to get up to $200 in financial assistance. This money can be used to pay for a power or water bill. To reach customer service, please call (336) 526-1089.

Yadkin Valley Economic Development District, Inc.

This is the community action agency for Surry County. They provide various services, such as counseling and financial assistance programs.

There may be financial grants available to help low income people pay for things like education, housing, and energy bills. The grants might also be used to pay for things like uniforms and counseling services. If you are looking for additional grant programs, click here.

The programs offered by the agency can help people with their job search by providing resume services and transportation assistance. If you are looking for a job, the agency may be able to give you money for gas to and from work.

Weatherization is a service that helps people save money on their electric, utility, heating, and cooling bills. The program is currently focusing on making homes more weather resistant for elderly, disabled, and low-income persons in the community. This program can also replace appliances, cooling, and heating units.

Some of the other programs offered by the community action agency include programs for young children, seniors, transportation, and many others.

for help Call the Yadkin Valley Economic Development District, Inc. if you need help. The number you have reached, (336) 367-7251, is not in service.

Non-financial aid

Foothills Food Pantry is a food bank that has been open for 21 years. They provide emergency food assistance to low-income residents of Surry County who are struggling to afford food. The author’s phone number is (336) 386-8405.

The Pilot Mountain Outreach Food Pantry is a non-profit organisation that provides free food and/or groceries to qualifying families who live in the designated areas surrounding Pilot Mountain North Carolina. You can only get food once every 60 days, unless something happens that means you need it more often. There are other food assistance programs available.

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