Tampa Bay and Hillsborough County Catholic Charities assistance programs.

Catholic Charities in Tampa Bay Florida and Hillsborough County focuses on addressing medical needs, immigrants, employment assistance and related issues. There will be very little financial aid offered, if any. More information about the resources that are available can be found below.

Catholic Mobile Medical provides medical services throughout the county. This service provides free medical care to those in need through the use of volunteer doctors, dentists, nurses, and other physicians. Our unit mostly focuses on the eastern and southern region of Hillsborough County, but we may occasionally provide assistance to other towns, suburbs, and villages.

This program helps people who are struggling with poverty and who do not have proper health or dental insurance. Most of the visits happen at places like Dover, Fl. St. Clement Catholic Church, San Jose Mission, and Plant City. The Mobile clinic can provide primary care for acute medical problems, routine well woman exams, health screenings for conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes, follow-up and referral to other medical providers as needed, and even disease prevention.

There is an increasing number of immigrants and refugees in Florida. The Catholic Charity Immigration Program provides low-cost legal advice and affordable immigration services to all newcomers, regardless of their religion, race, sex, age, or creed. Among other services, case workers and paralegals can help with immigration related applications, such as replacing documents, adjusting status, naturalization, political asylum, extending non-immigrant visas, changing status, petitioning for family reunification, and other services, such as information on local Hillsborough County job programs.

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The Pathways to Self Sufficiency program is an emergency assistance program that helps families who are facing eviction, homelessness, or a crisis. If you need help paying your utility bills, there are programs that can assist you. The Catholic charity program helps people in the Tampa region by giving them referrals to other organizations that can help them. The goal is to be independent, so case workers will also help with finding a job and other resources.

The Employability Status Assistance Program may help refugees. This provides help for people who have come from other countries to live here, including refugees and people from Cuba. Most of the services listed here will emphasize helping you become employed and self-sufficient. You will receive help and various case management services such as assessment, screening, consultations and information, referral and representation from highly trained specialists.

Catholic Charities also focuses on helping the senior and aging population in Florida and Hillsborough County. The state is dedicated to providing resources to meet the needs of its growing elderly population. Programs can offer food, transportation, social activities, and more. This means that some relief services may also be arranged in advance.

The care programs that they provide can help people with Alzheimer’s disease or other memory loss illnesses including Parkinson’s disease, stroke, or senile dementia. The organization can provide caregivers with a break by arranging for respite care, giving them time to relax while their loved ones participate in activities and make new friends.

The Friends in Need program is also offered to people who are working but have low incomes. The Friends in Need Program provides churches and charities with food, household goods, clothing and shelter. Catholic Charities will also offer life skills, case management, job placement education, free medical care, and support services to people in the Tampa Bay and Hillsborough region. This will help individuals and families in need to get back on their feet, and be productive members of society. This organization can provide hospitalization services and free medical care to those in need.

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The Shelters of Hope program is part of the Ministry of Mercy resources. This program provides shelter and resources for people who are homeless or at risk of being homeless. This service provides safe housing for those in need who are facing disability, limited income, crisis, or other situations that would cause them to be without housing. There may also be some aid available to prevent homelessness from time to time.

Applying for Catholic Charities help in Tampa Bay area

The two main locations for the company are in Ruskin, Florida and Tampa Bay, both on U.S. 41. The number to call for information and intake is (813) 671-5250.

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