Tampa Bay and Hillsborough County free credit counseling.

How can I get free credit, debt, and housing counseling in the greater Tampa Bay Florida area? There are a number of organizations in Hillsborough County, Florida that provide housing and credit counseling services to homeowners and consumers. These organizations are typically not-for-profit and offer a variety of services to help people in need.

Some of the programs offer confidential financial credit/budget counseling by government certified counselors. A debt repayment plan is an agreement between you and a representative to repay your debt over time. There are many agencies in the Hillsborough Florida region that can help you with your finances. They can provide you with budgeting help, credit counseling, and cash flow management. They may also offer other support services.

There are also HUD-approved housing counseling organizations in Tampa Bay and Hillsborough County that can provide credit and debt counseling, first-time homebuyer education, information on reverse mortgages, and mortgage default/foreclosure counseling to qualified individuals.

is a non-profit organization providing free personal financial education and counseling to consumers. This organization provides free financial education and counseling to consumers in order to help them make better choices with their money. The address is 5421 Beaumont Center Boulevard Suite 600 Tampa Bay Florida, 33634 and the phone number is (800) 251-222. This organization provides free or low-cost debt and credit counseling to consumers. A variety of counseling programs are available, and low-income individuals may even be eligible for free counseling. If you’re struggling with debts, you can get help by filing for bankruptcy or by dealing with an impending foreclosure. If you would like to speak with a counselor about confidential services, please call to make an appointment.

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There is another office in Hillsborough County called Credit Recovery- CCCS. It is located at 200 South Hoover Boulevard Suite 200, Tampa, Florida, 33609-3532. The phone number is (800) 251-2227.

This company really helps people establish banking and checking accounts which is really helpful. In addition to debt relief assistance, some companies also offer basic credit counseling.

The agency is located at 1213 16th Street North in St. Petersburg, Florida, and their telephone number is (727) 893-1313. This is a federal government-approved housing agency that also offers credit repair, debt management plans, and other financial education and budgeting programs.

The address for Genesis Financial Management, Inc. is 12640 Telecom Dr., Tampa, FL, 33637.

The CDC of Tampa’s Home Ownership Center helps homeowners who are struggling to pay their mortgage. The main office is located at 1907 East Hillsborough Ave Suite 100 Tampa Bay Florida, 33610. The phone number is 813-231-4362 x308. They are an agency approved by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). In addition to the free or low cost foreclosure prevention services, they can also help people deal with any financial challenges or conditions they may have.

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