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Tazwood Community Services assistance programs.

If you need help, there are people who can assist you in Tazewell County. There is a network of social service programs, medical clinics, food pantries and other agencies that staff from the non-profit community action agency can refer people too. Tazwood Community Services can provide more information on programs that help the less fortunate, and they also administer some of these programs themselves.

The team at Tazwood Community Services is looking for money from the community to help people who can’t find the help they need from other local charities. The staff helps families identify and access local resources that can best serve the individual needs of each family member.

A local conservation contractor will come to your house and make energy-saving improvements at no charge to you. A representative will inspect the work once it is finished. The Tazwood Community Services energy conservation program helps low-income homeowners and renters make their homes more comfortable by providing assistance with energy-saving improvements. The program requires a three-party agreement between Community Services and the landlord for rental properties.

To qualify, the home must be based in Tazewell County and be in a condition where it can be protected from bad weather. This will be done using materials that meet the required standards and stay within the budget limitations set by the federal government or the state of Illinois.

Conservation reduces energy consumption and lowers utility bills. The Weatherization services can help improve your home’s energy efficiency by adding insulation to the attic, walls, and foundation; sealing up any air leaks; and making sure your furnace and water heater are in good working order. Other minor home repairs may also be included, as needed. This also includes any health and safety requirements.

There is help available for low-income families and the working poor with paying for home heating costs. The staff at Tazwood Community Services have information on options available, including the federal government-run Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). This program can help with utility bills and make homes more energy efficient. You can apply for a grant to help pay your heating or gas bills during the fall months.

Tazwood Community Services provides regular LIHEAP assistance for those who are struggling to pay their heating, propane, or gas bills. In addition, those who are at risk of disconnection may qualify for Crisis Assistance. Some benefits of the program include getting help with fuel costs and having credits applied to past-due bills, as well as being referred to resources that can help with family development.

Transforming Lives from Tazwood Community Services helps low-income, at-risk families by working with them on personal and financial development. This comprehensive and holistic approach looks at all areas of their lives to help them build a strong foundation. It provides them with assistance in maintaining a stable job and home life. The community offers coaching and mentoring services to help clients become independent.

Tazwood Community Services offers programs to educate the community on topics such as budgeting, employment, and tax preparation from VITA. There is also coaching and mentoring available to participating families to help them transform their lives and become independent again. Mentors and clients develop a trusting relationship in which the mentor can help the client address issues in their life that are causing instability.

Tazwood Community Services budgeting and “smart money” workshops help clients manage their finances effectively. The participants will learn how to save their money, pay their bills, and improve their credit scores. The community action agency holds sessions on buying a first home and avoiding predatory or payday lenders.

If you make less than a certain amount of money, you can get your taxes done for free at VITA. This program will also focus on helping low income families get the savings from the Earned Income Tax Credit.

There is limited funding for Tazwood Community Services Homelessness Prevention and Financial Crisis support, and demand is very high. The goal of this funding is to stop people from losing their homes. This means that someone will check to see if you are qualified for something. There will be procedures put in place for how to set up an appointment and apply for funding from the community action agency. This money is given to each person who applies. The amount of money given out changes depending on how much is available or what the funding entities need.

The government provides grants to pay for late rent. Tazwood Community Services can help with things like rent and utility payments if you’re low income and at risk of being evicted. They can also help with security deposits and first month’s rent. This support, which may be in the form of a loan, can only help a limited number of tenants in Tazewell County. This means that if someone can’t be helped by the first organization they go to, they will be referred to another organization that might be able to help them.

How to get financial help or material items from Tazwood Community Services

The community action agency can provide you with information on food pantries, clinics, and other government grant programs. The Tazwood Community Services strives to assist those in need from their location at 2109 S Main St, Morton, IL 61550. Give the phone number (309) 266-9941 a call.

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