Titus County Cares programs.

Titus County Cares provides services to prevent homelessness, such as shelter and emergency funds for back rent. The charity also provides other basic needs such as food and clothing from Good Samaritan, or holiday help from Empty Stocking. Titus families who want to receive financial aid will need to have some source of income and be working towards stability.

The services are focused on providing children in poverty with the resources they need to succeed later in life. Any type of support will have a rigorous application process, which will require documentation of income, residency, and more. The agency will provide financial assistance to those in need, but will require them to take part in job training and similar workshops in order to receive it. This is so that the individuals receiving the support are able to improve their skills and future prospects, rather than simply being given money with no strings attached. Titus County is focusing on helping families with children, the disabled, or senior citizens.

The focus of this organization is also on senior citizens in Titus County. Handy Helpers provides services such as meals and home repairs to those in need. The churches in TCC generally support people who are over 65 years old and try to help them with whatever they need.

Workshops on self-sufficiency in Titus County Cares

The staff from Cares will help connect clients to the following services. These resources will help people gain new skills, find a job, or both. In order to apply for financial help, these sessions are required in almost all cases.

There are Adult Basic Literacy Education classes available for people who want to improve their reading or writing skills. These classes are offered by various non-profit organizations. The goal is to show residents how adult education is important for long-term employment.

A team of tutors and teachers will help people improve their writing, speaking, reading, listening, and math skills. The main focus of the agencies educational plans are traditions, concerns, family issues and goals.

The employment services from partners of Titus County Cares help people from the county get the training they need. Other important aspects of finding a job include learning how to use computers, and being familiar with other career development resources. If you need work clothing for a new job, we can arrange that for you.

Many people support the underemployed in order to help them earn a sufficient wage. There is also advice for unemployed parents who are looking for full-time or part-time jobs and for those who want to keep their jobs. Some attendees are looking to improve their career prospects by learning new skills.

Different non-profit organizations in the area are working together to provide people with a path to employment, as well as a place to live and clinical support. The agency will also provide resources and support to families so they can become self-sufficient.

If you are enrolled in Titus County, you will be assessed for your immediate needs. The results will show if counseling and job search support services will be necessary. This is all set up by people who are professionals and trained to work with people who have low incomes.

The employment services provides many classes to help people find a job. This means that people who take part in this activity will be able to get help from someone else to write letters of application, resumes and job applications. This will be useful to them because it will improve their chances of getting a job. The library provides free access to computers and the internet, allowing users to search for jobs online and visit employer websites. Titus County Cares offers support to those who have already found a job, with any workplace issues they may have.

Financial aid and basic needs from TCC Resource Center

The purpose of the funds is to help people in need and give them time to get back on their feet. The limited amount of money will help families and allow them to overcome any immediate obstacles to becoming self-sufficient. The Good Samaritan initiative is a program that offers free medical care to people in need. The programs were designed to help low-income employed families pay some bills and receive benefits and services.

The applicants will need to be financially struggling and in need of assistance with basic necessities in order to help them escape poverty and become self-sufficient. If someone needs help paying for a utility bill so they can focus on finding a job, this is an example of how the funds can be used. It is possible to purchase an article of clothing using a voucher. The goal of the Good Samaritan is to help families become self-sufficient by getting them off of government assistance and into jobs.

There are emergency shelters located throughout the county, and Titus County Cares can provide the locations of them. They can help prevent homelessness by providing families with a place to stay. People will not only have a place to stay, but also be given food and social worker support to help them address the issues that caused them to need shelter.

If someone is hungry, they can go to a food pantry to get food. The locations in Titus County that work with the East Texas Food Bank will help families and senior citizens who need groceries by giving them access to it. Some pantries may have fresh produce, milk, and dairy items, in addition to canned goods. This food bank relies on donations from the community and partnering organizations, such as the Kings Storehouse in Tyler, in order to continue operating.

Titus County Cares offers food and snacks for kids. The goal is to prevent hunger for children, especially when they do not have access to food. The Backpack Club will provide students with a snack to take home with them on weekends, to make sure they have food to eat.

Christmas gifts and toys are part of the Empty Stocking Fund. This is a program for children under the age of 16 in Titus County that is based out of a church. There may also be free meals available, and applicants are required to provide proof of income as well as fill out an application.

If you are struggling to keep your current home or are in need of a new place to live, there are organizations that can help. They can provide resources and assistance with finding and keeping a permanent place to live. Titus County Cares can help people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless by providing housing and preventing homelessness. Resources that can help homeless or struggling families transition quickly into their own homes are available.

This means that people who are approved for rehousing can get help with their rent, which will allow them to save money and become independent. There might be money from grants to help pay for utility connection fees or a security deposit.

Titus County Cares provides financial assistance to prevent homelessness. This is a one-time cash intervention. There may be financial assistance available to help people stay in their homes, instead of having to go to a shelter. If you have money that you can use, you can use it to pay for things like rent or utilities that you have not paid for yet.

This means that case managers help individuals with their job search, improve their educational opportunities, work on their credit score, and help them understand financial concepts. This will allow them to develop plans for their long term stability so they can rent their own place in the future.

For more information about resources in Titus County, call Titus County Cares at 903.575.9157. The faith-based charity is located at 310 N Edwards Mount Pleasant, Texas 75455.

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