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Transitional housing assistance programs in Reno and Washoe County.

There are several transitional housing programs in Washoe County that can help if you are facing eviction or homelessness. The process of finding housing for homeless individuals typically involves staying in a short-term shelter before moving into a longer-term transitional apartment or home. After the person is able to support themselves, they will then get help in moving and possibly paying for rent for a new home or apartment.

There are many organizations that offer resources to people in Washoe County. These organizations include non-profits, charities, and even some government agencies. These organizations provide resources such as food, clothing, and housing. Many families are supported by this program every year, but not everyone will qualify. The goal is to help the client become independent. Then you can get help finding a new, safe and affordable home or apartment to move into. The main agencies to contact in Washoe County are: -Washoe County Sheriff’s Office -Reno Police Department -Sparks Police Department -Washoe County School District Police Department -University of Nevada, Reno Police Department

The Launching Pad is a sober living facility that offers housing assistance to those with some form of addiction.

It is a place for families to stay temporarily (up to two years) while they get back on their feet. The goal is to help these families become independent and to break the cycle of violence. The Transitional Housing for Victims of Domestic Violence/Abuse program is a temporary place for women and their children to stay while they get back on their feet. The goal of the program is to help these families become independent and to break the cycle of violence. The apartments/housing/rooms may be available for a maximum of 3 years. Additional services available include legal advocacy, job training, and help in finding a permanent home.

Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada offers a short-term residence at St. Vincent’s Residence for low-income individuals, retired persons, seniors, and families. The address is 395 Gould Street, Reno, NV, 89502 and the main phone number is 775-322-2143. The units are affordable, but rent is still due. This will give them time to save money and gather the money they need to move to more permanent housing. Washoe County Catholic Charities provides services to residents of Washoe County, Nevada. Services include food assistance, English as a second language classes, and immigration services.

The Nevada Youth Empowerment Project provides supportive transitional housing and low income programs for older youth in the Reno area. For more information, please call 775-240-2195.

The Lighthouse of the Sierra is a beacon of light and hope for lost and struggling individuals in the Reno, Nevada area. The main phone number for the Lighthouse is (775) 787-9411.

The Salvation Army has several locations in Reno, NV. The main center is located at 1931 Sutro St. and can be reached by phone at (775) 688-4555. This is the contact information for just one of the many potential contacts. Emergency, short-term housing, rent, and deposit assistance are all available.

Hosanna Home is a place where homeless women and single parents can live temporarily while they get back on their feet. It is a Christian organization, so residents will be expected to participate in religious activities.

This organization provides housing for up to six months, case management, and other emergency financial literacy and educational classes to those in need.

The WestCare Foundation is a program that helps veterans who are struggling to find housing. The main address is 315 Record St. #103 Reno, Nevada, 89512. This program is available to veterans in the Washoe County and city of Reno area. This organization helps male veterans by teaching them life skills and providing case management services.

Brand Blvd. Suite 1000 Glendale, CA 91202 Step 1, Inc. is a company located at 1015 N. Brand Blvd. Suite 1000 Glendale, CA 91202. The Sierra Street address in Reno, Nevada is 775-329-9830.

This is an organization made up of representatives from different Native American tribes in Nevada. They work to promote communication and cooperation between the tribes, and also advocate for the rights of Native Americans in the state. They provide safe housing, as well as crisis counseling and support groups to help victims heal from the trauma of domestic abuse. They also operate a 24-hour crisis hotline and offer legal advocacy and support.This non-profit provides a variety of services to victims of domestic violence, including emergency shelter, transportation, meals, and crisis counseling. They also operate a 24-hour crisis hotline and offer legal advocacy and support. This organization is dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence heal from the trauma of abuse and rebuild their lives.

The Committee to Aid Abused Women helps domestic abuse victims by operating an emergency shelter.

Safe Embrace is a short-term housing and shelter provider in Sparks, Nevada. Case managers also work with residents.

The Veteran Health Administration offers assistance to Washoe County residents who are facing eviction, that are currently homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Housing, food, job search assistance, and other aid are provided to those in need.

The Whitaker House offers rooms for rent at a low cost. They are located at 643 University Terrace in Reno, Nevada, and their phone number is 775-324-7829.

The Tahoe Women’s Shelter provides transitional housing services for women who are victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse. The main address is 948 Incline Way, Incline Village, NV 89451. The telephone number is (530) 582-9117. They are associated with DSS in Washoe County. Public benefits in Nevada are programs that help residents with basic needs like food, housing, and healthcare. These programs are funded by the state and federal government, and they are available to eligible residents who meet certain criteria.

The Reno Housing Authority provides assistance to low-income individuals and families in the form of section 8 vouchers, information, referrals, and government low income housing units. The government provides housing that is cheap for the homeless and people who make very little money.

Hosanna Home is a women’s transitional shelter located in Sparks, Nevada. They can be contacted at 775-232-5416.

The St. Vincent’s Transitional Center is a place in Reno, Nevada that provides help and resources to people who are transitioning out of prison. They can be reached by telephone at (775) 322-7073.

The Washoe County Domestic Violence Task Force is a organization that helps women in the county with housing needs and other social services.

The Reno-Sparks Gospel Mission offers emergency lodging for men, women, and children, as well as shelter. The main office for this organization is located in Reno, NV, 89512. There is more housing available for people who are transitioning between homes or who need to rent. If necessary, referrals to other community services and programs are also available.

Tahoe SAFE Alliance provides housing in Mt. Rose Safe House and can also arrange emergency shelter to additional individuals in area motels and hotels.

Cottonwood Village Apartments is a community housing resource board located in Reno, Nevada. The center can be contacted at 775-825-4999.

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