Treasure Coast Homeless Services Council housing programs.

The Homeless Services Council of the Treasure Coast provides a variety of services from counseling to emergency funds. The Continuum of Care is a group of organizations that work together to end homelessness. They receive federal government grants and support to help them with their work. The money is then provided to people who are struggling in the counties of St. Lucie, Indian River and Martin Counties. The money from the grant can be used to pay for things like a security deposit for a new place to live, overdue utility bills, or back rent.

The Resource Center contains most of the information on the services and applications. This is where people who need help can learn about programs that give financial assistance for things like utility bills or rent. If you are low-income, you may qualify for this and other benefits. This means that if there is money available, it can be used to support something.

There is a formal process to apply for assistance from the Treasure Coast Homeless Services Council. This will ensure that only people who meet the agency’s qualifications will receive help. The following may need to occur as part of the application process:

Please come in for an intake assessment with a case manager. They will assess the person requesting assistance and take appropriate action. The staff from the Resource Center will decide who may be qualified.

If you qualify for financial aid, you will need to work with a case manager. Sometimes the Homeless Services Council will pay for housing directly, but other times they will give the person a referral or loan to help with housing costs.

If the client is able to meet the funding guidelines, they may be able to get emergency financial assistance for things like rent, security deposits, and utilities. The client does not receive any money directly, it all goes to the utility company or landlord. You will need to keep following the rules.

You must be able to do things for yourself. If you are a low-income earner, you will need to keep meeting with a case manager. What you will need to do is create a basic budget. This involves making payments to reduce debt or improve credit. The client will need to create and follow a plan to help the person stay stable in the long run.

Counseling is available and often required in order to help with the issue. This means that the agency is approved by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. The staff from Treasure Coast Homeless Services Council offer free advice and support to renters, homeowners and currently homeless households. This free service is available to help those in need of assistance with their housing situation.

Mortgage default counseling helps homeowners in the region, including St Lucie and Indian River County, by providing guidance and support. This program is for homeowners who are behind on their home loan and may be facing a foreclosure. HUD approved counselors will meet with the borrower, review their financial information and current mortgage terms, and provide other support to help them stay in their home. The individuals can work together to explore all of the different options and solutions that are available to them, including things like loan modifications.

The counselor will help the homeowner identify and resolve the issues that caused their financial struggle. It is important for them to create a budget and take other steps in order to be successful.

There is help available for tenants who are at risk of being evicted. This service is for people who are renting their home or apartment. Perhaps they are behind on rent or are looking for a more affordable place to live. If you are experiencing homelessness, specialists from the Homeless Services Council may be able to help you.

You can get free information from the state of Florida about your landlord’s legal responsibilities and what your rights are. The coalition can also help them get referrals to emergency aid programs. If you’re being evicted because you haven’t paid your water or electric bills, you may be able to get help with those bills. If you are facing a serious legal problem, you may be referred to Florida Rural Legal Services.

The center is located at 2525 St. Lucie Avenue, Vero Beach, Florida 32960. The phone number is (772)567-7790.

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