Rent Assistance

Trenton and Mercer County rental assistance.

There is financial help available for rent in the greater Trenton area. The programs are designed to help families who are in danger of being evicted. The programs are run by charities, churches, or the government, and the funds are intended to help families in a crisis situation. The case managers can help the residents of Mercer County with finding a place to live and also help them with the grants and security deposit

Money and support will be provided for anyone who needs it. This includes free legal aid for housing court cases. The staff at these organizations will help families find, lease and pay the monthly rent so they can keep their homes. If you need help with moving costs, like a security deposit or first month’s rent, there may be money available to help you.

The other resource is to help people who are homeless to find housing. The agencies will place an applicant into a shelter, or maybe pass out a free voucher for a motel room if there are no more emergency accommodations. After someone is stabilized, meaning they have a place to live and food, they can be referred to rent programs.

The Catholic Charities Diocese of Trenton offers a program called Mercer Emergency and Community Services (MECS). This program provides assistance to those in need, including food, clothing, and other necessities. If you or someone you know is in need of assistance, please contact the Catholic Charities Diocese of Trenton at (609) 394 – 8847. The homeless prevention service provides food, shelter and emergency funds for a mortgage or rent payment. MECS also provides resources such as job programs, furniture, placement into low income apartments, and applications to no interest loans to help people with their expenses. They also help immigrants and non-English speakers understand and assimilate into the English-speaking culture.

The Crisis Ministry of Mercer County helps people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. They offer programs to help with things like utility bills and rent. Other assistance provided by the county includes help with mortgages and security deposits. There is another office located at 61 Nassau Street in Princeton, New Jersey. Call the number (609) 921 – 2135.

The Haitian Center is a organization that provides aid to the Haitian community living in the Diocese of Trenton. They offer various services such as food, clothing, and shelter. To receive aid, please contact them at (609) 588 – 8808. There are benefits to applying for section 8 housing, translations, and help in filling out forms for back rent.

The HomeFrontMain address is 1880 Princeton Ave, Lawrenceville, NJ, 08648. The phone number is (609) 989 – 9417 Ext: 141. This program helps with housing needs in an emergency. The components of this program include finding and paying for a permanent shelter, as well as providing assistance in locating housing. Additionally, this program offers more comprehensive support than simply finding and paying for housing.

The Homeless Prevention program provides assistance to those who are at risk of becoming homeless. The program offers resources and support to help keep people in their homes and avoid homelessness. Money may help with paying for rent or utility bills that are owed, and vouchers may cover the cost of expenses related to a motel stay or shelter needs. The rent program helps people who have a hard time finding and keeping housing, like single moms, the disabled or mentally ill, and people who don’t have much income. Mercer County is providing more assistance to prevent homelessness.

The Jewish Family & Children’s Service of Greater Mercer County only provides services to residents of the Jewish faith.

Smith John Smith is a person. The Wilson Hamilton Neighborhood Service Center is located on Wilfred Avenue in Hamilton, New Jersey. The center provides services to residents of the Hamilton community and surrounding areas. Services include community outreach, social services, and education and recreation programs. The center also offers a variety of resources and support services.

The Department of Health and Human Services provides assistance to families or individuals who are struggling financially. They offer programs to help with things like food, housing, and healthcare. There may be social services available to help with rent, furniture, utility bills, or other expenses, to prevent eviction. Any rent assistance is to stop homelessness, and it may be combined with section 8 vouchers as well.

The Mercer County Board of Social Services provides temporary rent assistance through cash grants. There is also help with moving costs, finding new housing for those receiving TANF, and transportation. The money for rent is focused on disabled, very low income families, or senior citizens.

The Mercer County Housing Authority provides low-cost housing options for qualified individuals and families, as well as processes applications for government-subsidized housing. Other loan programs or rental assistance may be recommended to the borrower if necessary. The organization also provides public housing for low-income seniors and disabled individuals. To reach customer service, please call (609) 292 – 4080. The city of Trenton has a housing authority office at 899 Southard St., Trenton, NJ 08638. To reach someone by phone, dial (609) 278-5000.

The housing initiatives of Princeton help people who are struggling to find housing. The case managers work with clients on finding both transitional and permanent housing. This is for people who are about to become homeless or are already homeless.

The Salvation Army provides a homeless shelter, transitional housing, and emergency funds for bills to those in need. This may be for rent, mortgages, or utilities on a home.

The Mercer Department of Community Affairs offers a rental assistance program for disabled residents of New Jersey. Grants are available to help with rental expenses, and applications can be made by contacting the department at the number listed above.

Mercer and Central Jersey Legal Services is a free legal aid service for lawyers and paralegals. To get advice, dial (609) 695-6249. They can also represent people who are facing eviction. Mercer County provides free legal aid to tenants, including help with eviction defense, security deposit disputes, and getting government rent assistance. The county also offers mediation services. You can find free lawyers in New Jersey by searching online or asking around. There are many resources available to help you find the right lawyer for your needs.

The Rise Community Service Partnership provides assistance to those in need in partnership with the Salvation Army and FEMA. They provide temporary housing, help with utility bills and landlord-tenant mediation.

The Saint Vincent DePaul Society is hosting a Queenship of Mary Conference on 16 Dey Road in Plainsboro, New Jersey. For information, call (609) 799 – 1428. Assistance is only for Cranbury, Plainsboro, and West Windsor, based on funding.

The Trenton Division of Community Relations provides eviction and homeless prevention services. The Alternative Homeless Housing Assistance Program provides financial assistance for homeless people to help them pay for rent or damage deposits. They also offer vouchers for different types of housing, such as motels, shelters, and apartments.

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