Trinity Presbyterian Church social services.

The Trinity Presbyterian Church in Sarasota County provides various services to people in need. The non-profit organization’s goal is to help less fortunate people by providing food and shelter.

Basic needs and financial assistance from Trinity Presbyterian

This ministry is responsible for administering these programs. If you need help getting food for your family, the government may be able to provide assistance for up to six months. This assistance would be given to you on a monthly basis. There may be regular groceries like milk and bread, as well as special items that you need to order, like baby formula.

There is help available for people who may have their water or power service disconnected. Church clients who live in the parish can receive financial assistance from Trinity Presbyterian to turn their power and water back on, or to prevent it from getting shut off.

Shelter assistance is offered to residents who are at risk of losing their homes. This will not only provide people with a place to stay, but the ministry will also give them a meal or clothing. If clients can prove that they have a plan to make future payments, they may be eligible to receive financial aid from Trinity Presbyterian Church.

Trinity Presbyterian may be able to help Sarasota County residents pay for transportation to job interviews if they are seeking employment but do not have the means to travel. The priority for paid transportation to Trinity Presbyterian from the local Sarasota County Workforce Center is given to clients who are working.

The church helps people through the navigation initiative. This service helps people who are having trouble financially by providing help from trained volunteers. These volunteers give assistance, encouragement, and accountability to help people get back on their feet. Volunteers who have been trained will help the person identify what is preventing them from being financially self-sufficient, and help them create a plan of action.

Education assistance

The truancy prevention initiative is a program set up by Trinity Presbyterian to help keep children enrolled in school and attending classes regularly. The staff at the church understand that a lack of education can lead to poverty. They have committed to working with the Sarasota County Court to help keep children in school. Trinity Presbyterian may provide mediation or family assessments on referred cases from schools where needed. This means that they will help families communicate and assess the situation to figure out what the best solution is for the family.

About a third of Trinity Presbyterian’s clients do not have access to a computer. The church is trying to help people who don’t have access to computers by providing employment and education opportunities. The computer lab is open Monday through Friday to help people overcome this challenge. The computer lab at the employment center offers budgeting training to help clients find and keep a job. The budgeting training covers topics such as money management, tracking expenses, and establishing and following a budget.

Trinity Presbyterian has been working to provide healthier food options as well as basic needs and financial assistance to clients. This is due to the fact that many of their clients are obese or morbidly obese. The church is happy to receive any fresh produce, whole grain pasta, multi-grain cereal, low-salt staples of every kind, etc. The company is working to provide more nutritious options to its customers.

To be eligible for assistance from Trinity Presbyterian, applicants must live in the city and county of Sarasota and have an income that is 185% or less of the federal poverty level. People in crisis should not be blamed for the situation they are in.

The Trinity Presbyterian Church is located in the city of Venice, in the state of Florida. To schedule an appointment, please call the office at 941-492-6384.

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