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Tulsa County free Christmas and holiday help.

Households in Tulsa County with children and seniors can receive assistance at Christmas and other major holidays. There are a number of organizations that can help lower to moderate income families with Christmas gifts and meals. These include charities, churches, and local businesses. There are many programs that help seniors and disabled residents in Tulsa Oklahoma, such as the Angel Tree from the Salvation Arm, Toys for Tots, Adopt a Family, and others.

The programs will provide different things. Most agencies rely on donations, so the type of food and gifts they can give out vary widely. There may be children’s toys such as games or electronics, or boxes of food for the whole family. You can usually find free clothes or gift certificates around Christmas time. Most support during Thanksgiving and Easter is in the form of a hot meal.

Some of the main agencies that can provide assistance are listed below. This assistance also applies to counties near Rogers. There is a process that each family in Tulsa must go through in order to be eligible for something.

The Loaves & Fishes pantry in Tulsa, OK provides free Thanksgiving and Christmas meals to those in need. They can be contacted at (918) 234-8577. Some families in Tulsa may be able to get free toys for their children.

The Salvation Army has a center in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, which can be reached by calling 918-258-7545. There are other locations for the Salvation Army as well. They provide services such as counseling, gift programs, Thanksgiving and other meals, and much more.

The Bixby Outreach Center is a charity that only helps residents in Mounds, Haskell, Kiefer, Bixby, Glenpool, Jenks, Leonard, and Liberty. Their main address is 77 E Breckenridge Ave, Bixby, Oklahoma 74008. The phone number for the center is (918) 366-9226.

The Tulsa Dream Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit located in the heart of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our Main address is 200 W 46th St N, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74106. To reach us by phone, please call (918) 430-9984. We are happy to announce that a Christmas Giveaway is available from the faith based charity.

The Skiatook Emergency Assistance Center is a location where people in need can go to for help. The main phone number for the center is (918) 396-1137.

The Battle Creek Church is located at 3817 South Lewis Ave in Tulsa, OK. The mailing address is 74105. The phone number is 918-355-3699.

The Tulsa Department of Family and Children’s Services provides support to children through a local Santa Shop. This means that residents can choose a family in need and help provide them with gifts and Christmas cheer. They can be provided with clothing, gifts, toys, hats, household items, and more. If you are able to donate anything to a family in Tulsa County who is struggling, it would be greatly appreciated. Of particular focus is on the disabled or families with someone having a mental illness, but others can register. They also provide free Christmas help to kids in child custody, and this is part of Tulsa Advocates for the Protection of Children. The phone number for this service is 918-742-4947.

The First Baptist Church in Glenpool, Oklahoma is offering a Christmas shopping room for their clients. There may be a lot of different things under the tree like shoes, games, coats, toys, stocking stuffers, and more.

The Lutheran Church of the Prince of Peace has a Christmas store located at 2330 N Quaker in Tulsa. They only cover families in zip codes of 74126, 74106, 74115, and 74127.

The Tulsa County Toys for Tots organization provides toys for children in need in the Tulsa County area. This is a service for children 14 and under. To sign up for this Christmas program, go to the event’s official website. Non-profits collect new toys and give them to people who are less fortunate. The website is a place where people can apply to be a Toys for Tots local coordinator. As a coordinator, they would be responsible for organizing the collection and distribution of toys to children in need.

The Broken Arrow Neighbors is a community organization located in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. The organization provides services and programs for residents of the city, including a food pantry, clothing closet, and financial assistance. The organization also offers a variety of programs for children and families, such as after-school tutoring and summer camps.

The address of the John 3:16 charity is 2027 Martin Luther King Boulevard in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They only have free, hot meals available. The phone number for the charity is 918-592-1186.

The Christian Ministerial Alliance in Tulsa, OK offers holiday food to those in need. To access this service, please call (918) 269-0824. The charity will provide Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets with groceries and turkeys to those in need, as well as referrals to Christmas toy programs in Tulsa County. Children can receive free presents in their stocking on Christmas. Families in crisis can get help from this organization.

The Salvation Army is a church located in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. They offer services and assistance to those in need. There is another site on Main Street. Money for school, a place to live, food at Thanksgiving and Christmas time are all given to people who need help. The booth may offer free clothes, small toys, dolls for girls, or tucks for boys, among other things. The Salvation Army in Tulsa helps parents get free gifts for their kids and also provides Thanksgiving or Christmas food baskets. The Salvation Army in Tulsa County provides free programs to help those in need. These programs include food assistance, clothing assistance, and other basic necessities. The Salvation Army also provides free Christmas assistance to families in need.

Stutts House Barbecue is a small restaurant in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They serve a limited number of meals, including delivering to senior citizens and the homebound.

The Larry Love Ministry is an organization that helps to provide Christmas gifts for hundreds of children every year. They may also refer parents to meal sites so that they can provide for their families. In Tulsa County, children, teenagers, and even infants can receive gifts such as video or educational games, free gift certificates, and other presents.

Catholic Charities is an organization that helps low income families by holding toy drives. The community is in need of donations in the form of gifts, presents, vouchers for retailers such as Wal-Mart, and food. The assistance is provided to families who are struggling and living in poverty. Tulsa Catholic Charities also helps elderly people in the community. They have a program called Coats for Kids where they give coats to children in need. This will provide free winter clothing, such as boots, gloves, and coats, to children and senior citizens. This program is offered in partnership with companies including Yale Cleaners and Channel 6. Tulsa Catholic Charities provides assistance to those in need during the Christmas season. They offer help with food, gifts, and other necessities to make the holiday season a little brighter for those less fortunate.

The precinct from 7515 Riverside Drive is the only one that has a small number of toys for children in the area.

Restore Hope Ministries provides holiday assistance for children and women who have been impacted by violence, abuse, or other traumatic experiences. This organization provides games, books, free toys, school supplies, clothing, and more to children in need, but the majority of their support is in the form of food.

The Teach Not Punish Family Resource Center is a place where families in Tulsa County can go to get assistance with Christmas gifts, clothes, and other holiday needs. The main number for the center is 323-487-9867. The majority of assistance is for children from low-income households.

The school is located at 8740 E 11th St in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The telephone number is (918) 832-8742. They help children who are deaf. Holiday parties are held for the people who work at the company.

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