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TXU Energy low income assistance programs.

TXU Energy has a very large utility and energy assistance program compared to other energy companies. TXU Energy AidSM helps low income customers, seniors, and disabled people every year by providing a service that pays for a portion of their energy bill. Other plans provide additional assistance, such as help with weatherization or energy efficiency improvements. Some organizations offer assistance to low-income families in the form of payment plans, grants, weatherization, and other aid.

The resources provided by TXU Energy are either direct or in partnership with other organizations. Over the years, the government has given out tens of millions of dollars in financial aid to help people pay their electric bills.

The TXU Energy Aid program helps people pay for summer cooling and air conditioning bills, and may also offer some financial assistance for winter heating expenses. Many Texans find it difficult to pay their bills from month to month, especially those who have low or fixed incomes. Many people face disconnection of their utilities or even try to do without air conditioning or heat due to financial hardships such as a job loss or medical emergency. There are programs offered to try to improve these situations.

The Energy Aid service is funded by donations from customers, social service agencies, non-profits, and the energy company itself. TXU Energy contributes a few million dollars every year to the program. The funds are used to help the low income pay their bills and make it through an emergency. The money for this program comes from social service agencies across Texas. It is used to help families pay their utility bills.

TXU Energy has also funded a special year-round low-income discount program. This company provides a monthly energy bill discount of around 10 percent for low to moderate income customers who participate. This monthly discount is in addition to any additional savings or rate reductions that are provided by the State of Texas’ System Benefit Fund through the LITE UP Texas program. The TXU Energy AidSM and Lite-Up Texas programs are available to qualifying low-income customers, qualified seniors and disabled customers in the service area.

The company participates in statewide assistance programs, such as LIHEAP, which helps low-income families with energy costs, and CEAP, which helps low-income families with energy costs. More information on them can be found below. This means that if you are a customer of TXU Energy, you may be able to get a discount on your bill.

The Lite-Up Texas program offers discounts to qualified customers. Certain customers who qualify may be able to receive a discount on their monthly utility bills from May to August. Households who do not currently receive Medicaid or SNAP food stamps will be automatically signed up for the program. There may be other income and poverty guidelines in place for other types of applicants. If you want to learn more about this service or sign up for it, call 1-888-782-8477.

The System Benefit Fund was created from a law in Texas that allowed electric companies to compete with each other. The law includes a provision to help finance energy efficiency programs. The TDHCA is responsible for administering energy efficiency programs, financial aid and services in coordination with existing weatherization programs.

There are a few ways that low income customers can save money on their energy bill. The company offers lease-purchase programs for refrigerators, air conditioners, and compact fluorescent light bulbs, as well as water-flow restrictors. The majority of utility companies in Texas offer weatherization and energy saving resources.

The TDHCA can help connect people with resources like LIHEAP, weatherization, and more. Call 512-475-3951 for help with energy bills. Call TXU Energy at 1-972-791-2888 to speak to a representative about your account.

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