Rent Assistance

Union County New Jersey rental assistance programs.

There are various agencies and programs that help residents who are behind on their rent. There are several rental assistance programs available to low income Union County families. While there is not a lot of money available, the government agencies, churches, and charities will try to help income qualified tenants, especially those that are in danger of being kicked out of their homes.

As noted, any rent, mortgage, or security deposit assistance may not be available. Protected tenants will have their rent payments automatically sent to their landlords or apartment managers. There are a few key places you can call for help.

The amount and types of programs offered by each agency will differ. Some organizations will give you money directly, and others may be able to refer you to places that can help you financially. The agencies that help with rental or security deposits often rely on donations and government grants for their funding, so the amount of resources available changes throughout the year. There may also be programs focused on helping veterans, the disabled, or senior citizens in Union County.

The Alternative Living Program provides assistance to those who are disabled, mentally ill, or addicted. The program is located at 118 Division Street in Elizabeth, New Jersey, and can be reached by calling (908) 352-2966.

Rent and low income housing assistance is offered by Catholic Charities Archdiocese Of Newark (CCAN). They are located at 505 South Avenue East, Cranford, NJ 07016 and their telephone number is (908) 497-3966. The currently homeless may get referrals to resources that can help them pay a security deposit on a new, low income apartment. There are programs that allow disabled people and immigrants to rent property.

If you live in Union County, New Jersey, and have a very low income or are a senior citizen, you may be eligible for free legal assistance from Central Jersey Legal Services, Inc. Call (908) 354-4340 for more information. Lawyers can help prevent people from being kicked out of their homes and becoming homeless. They can also help make housing safer, help people apply for government housing assistance, and deal with problems related to renting.

The Elizabeth Coalition To House The Homeless is a non-profit organization that provides this type of assistance. The Elizabeth Coalition To House The Homeless is a non-profit organization that provides emergency, one-time rental assistance to residents facing eviction or that are near homeless. The organization helps its clients by developing an action plan, searching for housing (including transitional units), and providing information on government grants. In Union County, you can also get food, clothing, furniture, and shared housing.

The Elizabethport Presbyterian Center (EPC) offers low-income and working poor tenants short term counseling, referrals to rental assistance, or crisis intervention services.

The Family And Children’s Services (FCS) provides families with children, including single moms, access to emergency shelter, food, employment, permanent housing placement, and information/referrals.

The FISH Hospitality Program is a program that helps people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. The program provides food, shelter, and other assistance to people in need.

Homefirst, Inc. is a company that provides housing for the Ryan White program in the county. This is a program for people who are homeless or facing eviction and have AIDS. Homefirst also provides short term rent assistance in Union County as part of the supportive housing program. Other types of assistance include help with utility bills, mortgage payments, or vouchers for security deposits.

The Interfaith Council for the Homeless is a organization that helps connect people in need of housing with resources like shelters, deposit programs, no interest loans, and self-sufficiency programs.

The Plainfield Area YMCA provides emergency shelters and meals for the homeless, as well as referrals to programs that help them gain self-sufficiency.

The company, Proceed, may help with rent for those who are unemployed and at risk of eviction.

Repheal’s Life House is located at 231 Court Street in Elizabeth, New Jersey. The main phone number for the organization is (908) 354-4750.

The Salvation Army in Elizabeth, New Jersey provides shelter, referrals to emergency rent assistance, low income housing, and case management services. The non-profit may not have a lot of money to give people for rent assistance.

The Salvation Army of Plainfield provides assistance to those in need in the Plainfield, New Jersey area. The main number for the Salvation Army of Plainfield is (908) 355-9622.

The UCDoA provides seniors in Union County with assistance in applying for federal and state programs that offer benefits like low income housing and rent assistance.

The mission of the Urban League of Union County is to enable African Americans and other disadvantaged residents of Union County to secure economic self-reliance, parity, power and civil rights. We accomplish our mission through a combination of direct services, advocacy and partnerships. Those applying for financial assistance for rent payments must also actively participate in job placement and related services.

The YMCA of Eastern Union County is a community organization that provides programs and services for youth, families and seniors in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

This website lists different housing authorities in the United States that may have information on government subsidies for housing, rent vouchers, and referrals to government grants.

Front Street, Plainfield, NJ 07060 Housing Authority locations in the City of Elizabeth, Linden, and Plainfield. Grand Ave., Rahway, NJ 07065 The Housing Authority of the City of Rahway is located at 165 E. Grand Ave., Rahway, NJ 07065. The office can be reached at (732) 388-3546. of Community Affairs, (609) 292-4080, PO Box 805, Trenton, NJ 08625-0805 The address for the Housing Authority of the City of Summit is 71 Summit Avenue, Summit, NJ 07091. The phone number is (908) 273-6413. The address for the NJ Dept. of Community Affairs is PO Box 805, Trenton, NJ 08625-0805. The phone number is (609) 292-4080. Section 8 is a government-funded program that helps low-income families pay for housing. The program is administered by the Department of Community Affairs.

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