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United Community Corporation emergency assistance programs.

The Newark residents can turn to the United Community Corporation for help with basic needs during a crisis. This non-profit agency provides services to families who are struggling, the unemployed, and elderly citizens. They offer low income housing, a resource center, food, day care, and much more. The main assistance programs from the United Community Corporation (UCC), which is also known as a community action agency in Newark, are noted below. These programs include food assistance, housing assistance, and utility assistance.

Employment, referrals and outreach from UCC

The Resource Center provides information on a variety of topics and can help connect you to the resources you need. Clients can access information on housing and medical bill assistance. The lab is available to anyone in the region who needs access to the internet or a computer. The center can help those from the community learn about benefits such as SNAP food stamps, loan programs, or emergency rental assistance programs in the county. Some low income families, in particular those with kids, can find how to get a free laptop computer. Call the number (973) 642-0181.

The needs of employees can be met. The focus is on training for software applications and basic computer skills. Classes are held by certified instructors where they teach and have workshops. The United Community Corporation community action agency offers opportunities for residents who are working poor and low income to receive training. The residents are from the city and Essex County. After the training is over, those who were successful in the training will be helped to find a job.

The United Community Corporation helps families in Newark to pay off their debts. Most of the help is free. Clients can learn about combining their bills, reducing interest rates, and taking other steps to improve their overall financial situation. Debt arbitration is a process in which a neutral third party hears both sides of a dispute and makes a binding decision on the outcome.

Financial help, free food and other assistance from United Community Corporation

Low-Income Apartment and Housing from the United Community Village Development is available for people who need it. There are many different types of housing units in the city, including town homes and condos. Families will have to pay rent, which will be a certain percentage of their total household income. If you need help paying for your moving costs or security deposit, you can call (973) 621-5441 for more information.

A UCC Food Pantry offers free food, including canned goods, paper products, and similar items. This food assistance program helps people who are struggling to get food for their families. This means that it can only be used a few times each year.

The Clothes Closet is a place where people can go to get clothes. The free UCC Clothes Closet is a place where people who live in the community and have low incomes can go to get free or used clothing that is in good condition. The location will provide them with work, school, or maybe even everyday type donated clothing. Some stores offer holiday-themed items year-round.

A place for homeless people to stay is open. This is a form of housing that is only meant for a very short period of time and is not permanent. In addition to a place to stay, guests at this inn can get a meal, counseling, referrals to employment programs, and health care referral services. The center offers many amenities and activities for guests to enjoy during their stay. If you are about to become homeless, there may be information on other programs in Essex that can help you with rent. This is a phone number.

United Community Corporation can help with medical and health care needs. This is for people who cannot afford health or dental care. UCC provides financial assistance to those in Newark and Essex County who are struggling to pay their medical bills. There are many local centers and clinics that offer screenings, check ups, seminars, and workshops throughout the year. Call (973) 642-0181 for support, including assistance for uninsured health care, in New Jersey.

There are programs for youth and seniors in the county. UCC has a variety of programs and activities for seniors as well as for at-risk youths. Some common assistance programs include health screenings, group outings, financial literacy workshops, educational resources, and meals seminars.

There are both daycare and child care options available. There are programs that offer year-round after-school and daycare care services for families in need of childcare assistance. At this school, our certified staff work hard to create an educational environment that is safe and friendly for all students up to age 16. If you have a government voucher, you can usually use it to pay for minimal fees. The telephone number is 973-621-5666.

Apply to financial assistance programs from United Community Corporation

The location of United Community Corporation is in Newark, New Jersey. The specific address is 31 Fulton Street, Newark, New Jersey 07102. UCC is a non-profit community action agency that provides assistance to low-income individuals and families. You can reach them at (973) 642-0181.

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