Assistance Program

United Tenants of Albany assistance programs.

United Tenants of Albany helps people who are going to lose their homes because they cannot pay their mortgage. They give advice and help people find other places to live. This organization helps low-income families and individuals who are facing eviction or foreclosure by providing case management services and connecting them with various assistance programs.

There is very little direct financial aid available for housing payments, but this may be possible in some cases. Clients who are more likely to need support from the organization are those who will receive other forms of support, such as medication or crisis intervention.

You can get information and help from their phone hotline or at their drop-in center at 33 Clinton Avenue in Albany, New York. These two sources are where you can get more information about their services and referrals. The organization’s staff will answer questions from the Albany community about housing issues.

If a tenant has an eviction notice, they can ask for a mediation meeting with their landlord. This can help you find a solution to your problem, such as a payment plan for any late rent payments. They will also try to resolve apartment damage disputes or security deposit claims. The landlord may agree to a loan to cover any back rent expenses.

If you need it, you can get help from a lawyer through United Tenants of Albany as part of mediation. The counselor will find a way to keep the person from being homeless. – Many jurisdictions also want to stop people from being evicted, so they support the process.

The University at Albany is also working with other organizations to help coordinate homeless and eviction prevention services. They work together to help people or families who are in danger. This is also available for homeowners that are about to lose their home through foreclosure.

The Telephone Hotline is a service that helps people with a number of different needs. Many people who live in the county are looking for apartments to rent that cost less money. Many people are struggling to make their rental payments and are at risk of being evicted from their homes. There is also free advice given to people on how to get security deposits back, mortgage problems solved, code violations in their buildings, and how to postpone rent increases. Some people from surrounding areas even call the hotline, such as from White Plains to the greater Hudson Valley region.

There is always assistance available to help prevent homelessness. This can help people who have low incomes or who work for low wages to stay in their apartments. The agency provides services such as court advocacy, counseling, landlord/tenant mediation, and referrals to emergency rental assistance programs. It is a priority to help families with children, whether they are single moms or just households that are struggling.

This financial aid is for people who are working, but their job may only be temporary or part-time. If you are facing a crisis or emergency, UTA can provide you with information as a last resort. Some examples of things that could cause financial instability are an unexpected car repair that makes it hard to get to work, or the death of a primary wage earner in the home.

United Tenants of Albany is a resource for people who need help with housing. They provide information and assistance to hundreds of people each month. This organization is not very big and does not have a lot of resources or staff, but if you are facing eviction or foreclosure, you can contact them for help. The office is located at 33 Clinton Avenue in Albany, New York. The telephone number for the office is (518) 436-8997. The hotline is usually a good place to start for more information.

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