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Urban League of Kansas assistance programs.

The Urban League of Kansas can help with things like finding a job, getting housing, and getting access to education and health services. The non-profit offers services to help those who are facing foreclosure or eviction, as well as case management. This can include both education and employment type services.

Housing programs, including rent and mortgage assistance

The ULK housing counselors are certified by the federal government’s Housing and Urban Development Department (HUD). They are trained to help individuals or low income families that are experiencing difficulty in paying their monthly rent. There is also help available for families in Kansas that are about to be evicted because they cannot pay their rent.

The counselors from the non-profit work with clients to help them figure out ways to prevent eviction. This means looking for any government grants that can help pay for part of the rent. They offer guidance and support services in addition to that. You can get help from a counselor to talk to your property manager or landlord about your situation.

The Urban League often helps people resolve issues with unpaid bills, including rent, by advocating on their behalf. Those who need financial assistance can get referrals to other agencies. If you have an eviction notice, you should take action immediately to avoid any late fees.

ULK provides counseling to landlords and tenants to help them resolve disputes and settle issues. If you feel like your landlord has been treating you unfairly, the Urban League can tell you what your legal rights and responsibilities are. They investigate whether there is a legal way to stop the eviction or provide information about free lawyers who can help with evictions.

If you are looking for an affordable place to live in Kansas, including Wichita and Kansas City, you can call and schedule an appointment for pre-rental counseling. A certified ULK housing counselor can help you with your housing needs. If you are a tenant and are facing eviction, there are legal resources available to help you. You can find more information on these resources by doing a search online or contacting a legal aid organization in your area.

During this one-on-one encounter, the counselor asks the client questions to get to know them, decides if the client is financially ready, and then provides referrals to low income apartments in the region. The ULK Housing Department has relationships with property managers, apartment communities and other companies who understand that clients are pre-qualified upon referral.

Mortgages can be a confusing and daunting topic for many people, but luckily there is help available. There are many organizations and websites that offer information and resources on mortgages, so people can learn more about them and make informed decisions. The Urban League provides counseling and advice to families facing foreclosure or mortgage delinquency. Those who are affected by an illness, a reduction in pay, or a job layoff, or who are involved in the care of family members, are typically clients.

The ULK’s free Foreclosure Counseling gives homeowners who are behind on their mortgage or at risk of foreclosure the chance to catch up on their payments and potentially keep their home. This is done by referring people to government aid or low interest loans so they can change their current financing. There is also education and advocacy coordinated.

A ULK housing counselor will try to help the client and their bank, mortgage company, or lender to come to an agreement that works for both of them. The third-party HUD-approved counselor can help with communication and negotiation between the homeowner and the lender.

The counselor creates a detailed budget as part of this process. After the budget is made, the housing counselor can decide what to do to fix the problem. There are many loan modification programs that can help people struggling to make their mortgage payments. Some of these programs include forbearance, home equity conversion mortgage, partial claim, deed in lieu, and re-finance. Each of these programs has different benefits and requirements, so it is important to explore all of your options to find the best program for your situation. The counselor can help with the application process for these services. There are other programs that can help with mortgage payments if needed.

The Home Buyer Education Workshop is designed to make sure that customers understand the process of buying a home. In addition to education, counselors from the Urban League will provide the tools and resources necessary for achieving a successful outcome.

The workshop will address the following issues, and potentially more. If you need help with any part of the home-buying process, from finding a loan to qualifying for it, to finding an affordable and suitable home, then you can get help from us. We can also provide you with information on different mortgage options, as well as down payment programs.

The general public is welcome to use ULK’s Pre-Purchase Counseling Program by calling to schedule an appointment with a certified housing counselor. The counselor and client will work together to figure out any issues or challenges during the counseling session.

They will plan and allocate money for their upcoming expenses. There are many programs and resources available to help people buy a home, including low interest loans and mortgages. This process also includes repairing your credit score if necessary. The Urban League of Kansas also offers a free monthly First-Time Homebuyer Workshop in Johnson and other counties. This workshop provides potential homebuyers with information on the homebuying process, financial assistance programs, and other resources.

There are a bunch of different counseling services that anyone can use after they buy something. They will give you information and teach you about selling or refinancing a home loan that you already have.

Urban League counselors help people with financial problems and tell them about different ways to solve their issues. They also recommend the best option for the person based on their needs. Some of the topics covered in the counseling session include, recovering closing costs, reviewing the current interest rate versus a potential new rate, classes on amortization schedules, and the application of payments toward principal balance.

Urban League employment services across Kansas

The goal of The Urban League Work Force Strategy program is to help people in towns and cities throughout Kansas get and keep jobs so that they can improve their economic conditions. This can be found in Wichita, St. Louis, and other parts of Missouri. The program helps people get access to education, job training and career opportunities. It also helps businesses grow by providing an educated and skilled workforce.

The ULK Workforce Development training and guidance helps residents achieve economic self-reliance by providing training for government jobs. Staff will help individuals find and keep a job in Kansas.

This service is more focused on helping people in the Kansas area find careers. This is a program that provides Sedgwick County employers with the staffing they need right away. The Urban League is collaborating with various colleges in the area to provide training in Healthcare, Customer Service, and Construction. All job training is designed to prepare you for a specific job and improve your skills, with most courses lasting 3 months or less. Upon completion of the course, participants will receive the Kansas employer-required certifications for various positions.

Phone number for Urban League of Kansas assistance

The Urban League of Kansas mainly focuses on helping with housing and employment, but they may be able to help with other things as well. 82nd St., New York, NY 10028 The primary place of business for this company is located at 2418 E. 82nd St., New York, NY 10028. 9th Street North in Wichita, Kansas. To make a call, dial 316-262-2463. Academic resources are available in every state.

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