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Urban League of Palm Beach assistance programs.

The Urban League of Palm Beach is dedicated to helping families become self-reliant and independent. This non-profit provides many services to help residents, including housing, education, and job placement. The non-profit provides services to a variety of Palm Beach County residents, including single parent households, the unemployed, and the working poor.

ULPBC may offer its own programs and partner with other groups in the greater Florida community. They help people who are struggling in Palm Beach County. Aid is given directly to those living in poverty, as well as staff advocating on their behalf. This is done to help clients become economically independent and self-reliant.

Housing counseling covers a wide range of topics. The Urban League provides support to renters and homeowners to help them avoid eviction or foreclosure. If you are going through the process, you will be given information about financial tools and services that can help you.

The goal of the Urban League of Palm Beach housing counseling is to help people who are homeless or poor to improve their situation. The staff at the financial empowerment center will help clients with the services they need, including workshops for first-time homebuyers, housing counseling, and homelessness prevention programs. If you are struggling to pay your rent, there are programs that can help. You can get help from mortgage services and other organizations.

You can get free help and advice about foreclosures from experienced staff. The Urban League of Philadelphia’s Housing Counseling Department will meet with homeowners to review solutions and help people learn how the department can assist with mortgage delinquency counseling. The services are offered in Delray as well as Palm Beach.

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first time home buyers can get advice from experts to help them through the process. The workshops will help them learn about the process, find affordable mortgages, and improve their credit. This information can help you budget better, understand the mortgage process better, and avoid foreclosure in the future.

The staff can offer tips to renters on how to maintain their homes and keep strong relationships with their landlords. There may be financial assistance available for rental costs, although it is not common. The staff at ULPBC may have some suggestions.

This service is for low-income families who need help with their finances and credit. The staff from the Urban League helps their clients by teaching them how to build up their assets and become more financially literate. They do this by using creative methods and tools. This includes debts from things like credit cards.

The assistance for the youth in Palm Beach is very important because it can help to end the cycle of poverty. The program provides a safe and supportive environment for young people aged 21 or younger. There are services available that can help people develop leadership skills, improve their education, or build self-confidence. The programs provide people who can serve as positive role models, as well as other support.

Youth education encompasses a variety of topics and sessions. There are resources available to help with SAT/ACT prep courses and professional development sessions. Clients can learn about options for financing their college education, including grants and loans with lower interest rates. The staff at the Urban League of Palm Beach will help people connect with community leaders and also offer holiday programs, like Christmas gifts for teenagers.

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Other services that are available include assistance for small business owners, general job placement, and more. The customer service staff for the Urban League of Palm Beach is located at 1700 North Australian Avenue, West Palm Beach, Florida, 33407. There is a second office location in DelRay Beach. What is the phone number for the center?The phone number for the center is 561-8331461.


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