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Urban Ministries of Wake County emergency assistance programs.

If you are poor or struggling in Wake County, North Carolina, you can get help from Urban Ministries. The non-profit’s goal is to help low income people in the Raleigh area as well as the county. They also provide some of their own programs. Open Door Clinic provides healthcare, Helen Wright Center for Women provides short term housing, and a free food pantry provides free food for families and children.

Open-door clinics offer referrals to medical specialists for their patients. The main office of these clinics is located at 1390 Capital Blvd, Raleigh, NC 27603. The number to dial is 919.836.1642.

The Urban Ministries food bank is the second largest food pantry in Raleigh and Wake County. The pantry provides the community with a week’s worth of canned food and other necessities. This program is for people who need help, whether they are alone or have a family. The charity also provides meals for children during the summer months. The food resources can also help elderly people from the community.

Urban Ministries helps people in need by giving them food, information about government programs, and other resources. The staff at healthcare facilities help people by providing them with information and guidance on how to make healthier choices regarding their diets. This includes educating patients on what foods to eat, as well as helping them to select meals that meet their individual needs and preferences.

There are different types of food available, which are mostly donated by volunteers. The need for assistance is great, so please be patient and understanding when requesting help or receiving meals from the agency.

The Job Link program in North Carolina helps people who are unemployed or underemployed find jobs. The Aliance for Retired Americans provides resume and cover letter writing advice, job training, and supportive services to help people remain employed. A good paying job is very important in order to stop being in a continuous cycle of poverty.

The Ark Shelter is a place that can help the homeless in Wake County by giving them a place to stay for a short amount of time. The location and its staff work to reduce homelessness by providing support services and temporary housing. By providing these services, the location and its staff hope to reduce the number of people who are homeless in the area. The site will help people be independent.

The organization provides homeless women with transitional shelter and basic necessities like case management to help them become independent and find permanent housing. Social services are programs that help people learn life skills, get ready for work, buy a home, and get healthy.

Medical services from Urban Ministry

Open Door Community Clinic provides medications, comprehensive primary care and support to hundreds of patients. This clinic only provides referrals to its patients. The low cost or free clinic provides a way for people to see physicians, specialists, and get radiology or lab services. They also help with enrollment for referrals from partners. The clinic is dedicated to giving top-notch health care and instruction to adults in Wake County. This is for people who cannot afford to pay for health insurance or medical bills on their own.

There is assistance available for those who need help finding and paying for prescription medications. Urban Ministries of Wake County uses funding from partners to help fill in gaps for people in need. The result of this is that they are able to help hundreds of people each year to get the prescription medications they need even if they cannot afford them. Not only does Urban Ministries run one of the only free on-site pharmacies in the region, but it also provides other services such as food and clothing assistance. The organization may have free prescription drugs for those who qualify.

The Open Door Clinic from Urban Ministries provides information on clinics, Medicaid, and other free healthcare programs for residents of Wake County. This charity provides medical care to those who are uninsured, poor, elderly, and even immigrant/migrant workers. They want to make sure that anyone who needs medical care can get it. To find free community clinics in North Carolina, you can search online or contact your local health department.

Phone number and apply for Urban Ministry programs in Wake County

There is usually a waiting list for any housing or shelter programs. When guests stay at the hotel, they need to work with a case manager to set goals. They also need to help the facility by volunteering their time. The center is located at 3603 Bastion Lane, Raleigh, North Carolina 27604. To reach customer service, please call (919) 833-1748. The other location is at 1390 Capital Blvd, Raleigh, NC 27603. Call (919) 836-1642.

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