Urban Ministry Center homeless and housing assistance.

The Urban Ministry Center in Charlotte, North Carolina provides services from outreach to permanent home placement. The organization’s goal is to end homelessness in the county by both preventing it and helping those who are already homeless to find housing.

The Housing Works program provides low income apartments and homes for those in need. The most vulnerable and lowest income members of the community can take advantage of various resources and facilities Mecklenburg County has to offer. This means that there are almost 50 apartments from different sources that are available for low-income people.

There is a limited number of apartments available, and most of them are for homeless families and individuals who have been homeless for a long time. The guests will not only have a place to stay, but they will also be given support and resources.

The Urban Ministry Center will help connect the client with social workers, a full-time nurse, therapists, and a psychiatrist if needed. HousingWorks’ ongoing support is focused on breaking the cycle of poverty and homelessness. This will include setting goals related to employment and financial stability.

The apartments are for people who are most vulnerable or have been homeless for the longest time. The people who tend to use shelters the most are the homeless people in Mecklenburg County. The supportive housing provided by Urban Ministry Center has been successful in reducing homelessness in the county.

Providing temporary lodging not only benefits the client, but also makes economic sense for the county and city. The cost of providing a person with a permanent housing and services is much less than the expensive cycle of providing shelter beds, or worse, jails, or ERs. Housing First will not discriminate against a person based on their physical disability, mental health condition, or addiction.

The Urban Ministry Center will provide basic services to the homeless to help them in emergency situations. Each day, a hot meal is served at the Daily Soup Kitchen. The non-profit provides free, healthy meals to people in need, regardless of their income or circumstances.

The kitchen not only provides meals to those in need, but also provides exposure to other case management type services. It provides people with a place to go to get away from the streets or to escape the summer heat or winter cold. Individuals can also sign up for HUD’s housing continuum of services, which offers a range of housing options and assistance.

The Homeless Services Network and the Urban Ministry Center can help connect people to government assistance programs that can help with things like rent vouchers or grants. The organization will provide food and basic services to the individual and help the client become more stable. This is done to improve their lives by addressing the key issues affecting them.

Other needs that can be provided by the Charlotte Ministry include clean clothes, access to computers or the internet, and ongoing daily support. At this facility, you can get occasional medical checkups, information on how to obtain an ID, and access to nurses. The goal is to help people who are homeless find housing. These programs provide opportunities for individuals to connect with caring staff and volunteers.

Outreach is a way of providing counseling to people who may not be able to access it otherwise. Transitional housing is available for very low income individuals. Some other services that are offered are physical and mental healthcare, or help with getting benefits like disability income. The Urban Ministry Center is a hub that connects various charities and non-profits together to make sure everyone is on the same page and providing the best possible services.

How to apply for assistance from Urban Ministry Center

The ministry is located on North College Street in Charlotte, NC. The phone number is 704-347-0278.

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