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Utility bill and energy assistance programs in Minnesota.

Low income families in Minnesota can get help with paying their utility, electric and heating bills. Many companies in the state offer programs to help with energy bills, including payment plans or grants. Other supermarkets are closer to home and offer a wider variety of goods. There are other supermarkets that are closer to home and offer a wider variety of goods.

There are organizations that help with energy bills for low-income people or people with disabilities. There are things you can do to make your home more energy efficient, which can help to save money and also reduce your home’s impact on the environment. There are charities that can help people with their utility bills. Some of these charities also offer programs to help people conserve energy.

Statewide Minnesota programs offered by government agencies

This means that if you participate in the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), your natural gas utility payments will be reduced to no more than 6 percent of your total household income. This assistance is for people who are in the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.

Low income families can receive financial assistance from the government in the form of grants and welfare. These programs help people with weatherproofing their homes, paying for energy costs, and/or providing energy assistance. This means that money is given out in the form of grants or other financial aid. Where can I find more information about the Energy Assistance Program and weatherization services in Minnesota?

Minnesota Energy Resources is a program that helps low-income households save on energy costs by providing energy-saving measures like extra insulation, caulking, heating unit tune-ups or repairs, weather-stripping, and storm windows and doors. The program is only for people who earn less than 185% of the poverty line set by the government. To learn more about the program or to apply, please contact the community action agency in your local town or county.

The phone numbers for the following organizations are as follows: -Arrowhead Economic Opportunity Council (Virginia) 800-662-5711 -Bi-County Community Action ( Bemidji ) 800-332-7161 -Lakes & Pines CAA (Mora) 800-832-6082 -Prairie Five Community Action Council ( Montevideo ) 800-292-5437 -Dakota County Community Development Agency 651-675-4400 -SEMCAC (Rushford) 800-944-3281 -Inter-County Community Action Council (Oklee)  218-796-5144 -Western Community Action ( Marshall )  800-658-2448 -Kootasca Action Council ( Grand Rapids ) 800-422-0312

There are many other places to apply for assistance in Minnesota, including Mahube Community Council, Southwestern Minnesota Opportunity Council, Minnesota Valley Action Council, Northwest Community Action Agency, Tri-Valley Opportunity Council, Ottertail-Wadena CAC, Scott Carver Dakota CAP, and Three Rivers Community Action.

It is a service that helps connect people with resources for free or low-cost home heating assistance. The ROFW program in Minnesota provides residents with access to free or low-cost home heating assistance. This program can help connect people with resources to keep their homes warm during the winter months. The Department of Economic Security manages a fuel assistance program that helps low-income households pay for heating costs. The program is administered through local charities and energy assistance agencies across Minnesota. ROFW agencies provide people in need of help for paying bills with emergency energy assistance and furnace repair and/or replacement. If you need help staying warm this winter, call 1-800-657-3710 or visit Reach out for Warmth Minnesota.

Individual utility company assistance programs

Many utility companies offer their own programs to help customers with their bills. Please find the requested information below. If you need help paying your electric or utility bill, there are programs that can help. Weatherization assistance can help make your home more energy efficient, which can lower your bill. There are also laws that protect you from having your utilities disconnected if you can’t pay. For more information on these programs, and other ways to get help with your electric bill, visit the website linked below.

Agralite Electric Cooperative serves four counties in Minnesota. They are the four major rivers in South Dakota. Prairie Five Community Action Council and West Central Community Action offer energy bill assistance in their service areas. Prairie Five Community Action Council can be reached at 320-269-6579 and West Central Community Action can be reached at 218-685-4486.

Alliant Energy and Interstate Power customers can apply for the Gas Affordability Program. This program helps customers with their gas bills. This program is available to customers who receive assistance from the federal government LIHEAP program. Customers who qualify for aid may be able to receive a monthly discount on their gas bill that is no more than 6 percent of their income. If you participate in the Alliant Energy gas affordability program, not only will you have your current monthly gas bill covered, but you may also receive a credit towards any past-due gas bills that you may have. If you need assistance, please call our customer service number at 1-800-255-4268.

Benco Electric Cooperative is an American electric cooperative that provides electricity to members in North Carolina and Virginia. If you want to talk to someone at the company, you can call them at 507-387-7963. There are a few programs that can help with energy costs. The group includes people who are caring and supportive. There are programs that can help low-income families pay their energy bills in the winter. This assistance can come in the form of money or grants. The Minnesota Valley Action Council manages the program. They help people with things like getting their power back on or getting a hotel room for the night They also have an emergency program called Operation Round Up. This program helps people with things like getting their power back on or getting a hotel room for the night.

This energy company also has a program that helps with gas affordability. The program offers a monthly credit to help cover the cost of natural gas for customers who are struggling to pay their bill. The credit is applied to the customer’s account each month, and the customer is responsible for paying any remaining balance. This means that if your gas charges are more than 6% of your annual income, CenterPoint Energy will credit your account. This service also allows families to pay off older, unpaid utility bills. For every month that a customer pays their GAP installment on their heating or utility bill, CenterPoint Energy will match the payment with an equal amount in credit. To get more information or to apply for help, please contact CenterPoint Energy at 612-372-4727 or 1-800-245-2377.

Other emergency financial assistance and disconnection plans are offered by CenterPoint Energy. Low income customers in Minnesota may be able to arrange a payment plan with their customer service representative. You can get help from CenterPoint in Minnesota to get more information.

A 1994 law requires that electric companies that provide service to over 200,000 customers in the state give a 50 percent discount to low-income customers on the first part of their monthly power bill. The average discount per month is over $100.

The Great Plains Natural Gas weatherization assistance program can help low to very low income people save on their heating and energy bills. Services are delivered through local community action agencies located across the service territory. Call 218-739-6602

Different ways of heating your home may make you eligible for cash grants or other resources that can help you pay your bills. There are several different organizations that offer assistance with heating bills in Minnesota.

The Kandiyohi Power Cooperative provides grants or other forms of assistance to households in crisis through its Operation Roundup program. Some organizations offer financial assistance to help cover basic needs like healthcare, food, clothing, shelter, and other community services.

The Gas Affordability Program from Minnesota Energy Resources may be able to help those who qualify with their monthly heating, energy or natural gas bills. There is also assistance available for certain individuals and families. The program offers discounts to customers that are based on a percent of household income and the older bills can be forgiven.

The assistance program provides financial help to low-income customers and anyone else who has been qualified and receive assistance from the federal government Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). To enroll in the Gas Affordability Program, customers must agree to a levelized payment plan and make the required monthly payment. This means that the people who sign up first will be able to enroll, as there is not enough money to allow everyone to join. The Salvation Army in Minnesota has a program that you can call for help. The number to call is 888-733-8033.

Minnesota Energy Resources provides several programs to help low income and working poor customers with their energy needs. The energy provider partners with agencies such as the Salvation Army HeatShare to provide emergency financial assistance. This type of protection can help cover the cost of medical care if you have a health issue. There are government programs that can help with energy costs, like LIHEAP. The Minnesota Energy Resources Company is offering assistance to customers in need.

If you live in Minnesota, you can sign up for a program called Operation Round Up through your local electric company. This program rounds up your electric bill to the nearest dollar, with the extra money going to support your community. Member donations provide financial assistance to charitable organizations and individuals or families who need help paying for heating or energy bills.

Otter Tail Power Company has a program to help conserve energy, called the House Therapy Program. The utility company has a program to help customers with high energy bills or usage. The program will provide an energy analysis and, as needed, install energy-saving improvements such as insulation and weather-stripping.

In some instances, appliances like refrigerators, water heaters, and freezers may be able to be repaired or replaced. You need to call your local organization that helps low-income families. Call Bi-County Community Action Council at 218-333-9840. (ICCC) is currently seeking a Community Planner to join our team. The Community Planner will be responsible for conducting research and analysis of social, economic, and land use data to support the development of ICCC’s long-range community plans. ICCC is currently looking for a Community Planner to join our team. The Community Planner will be responsible for doing research and analyzing social, economic, and land use data to help develop ICCC’s long-range community plans. Please call us at 1-888-778-4008 x20 or 218-796-5144. provides an array of services to low-income families in northwest Arkansas. Northwest Community Action, Inc. helps low-income families in northwest Arkansas by providing them with various services. The phone number is either 218-528-3258 or 1-800-568-5329. is a non-profit organization that helps people in the Otter Tail and Wadena counties of Minnesota. The Otter Tail-Wadena Community Action Council, Inc. is a non-profit organization that helps people in need in the Otter Tail and Wadena counties of Minnesota. The organization provides services such as food assistance, transportation, and housing assistance to those who need it. The customer service number for the company is 800-450-2900. Tri-Valley is an organization that provides opportunities for people in need. They have a helpline that you can call for assistance. West Central MN Community Action provides assistance with energy bills and weatherization services. They can be reached at 218-685-4486 or 800-492-4805. For more information about Western Community Action, you can call their phone numbers: 507-537-1416 or 507-847-2632. Please contact Prairie Five Community Action Council at 320-269-6578 or 800-292-5437.

The two programs delivered by Community Action Agencies in Xcel Energy’s territory are the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) and the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP). The Home Electric Savings Program may be able to offer appliance replacement and repairs, as well as energy education, to qualified individuals. Residents who qualify can get a free replacement window air conditioner as long as they trade in their older, less efficient unit. The Low-Income Weatherization Program can help you save money on your energy bills by providing water heaters, insulation, furnace replacement, and other energy-saving updates.

Xcel Energy provides various programs and components to its customers. The Low Income Senior Discount is an energy bill assistance program that provides a discount on monthly bills for eligible low-income seniors. The low-income discount will provide customers who are low-income, 62 years of age or older, or disabled with a 50 percent discount on their monthly electric and heating bills. To access this program, please call 1-800-895-4999.

This program provides help with turning on utilities and affording gas. This group offers low to moderate income households in Minnesota the opportunity to receive a discount on a portion of their monthly gas bill (through the Gas Affordability program) or a discount of their monthly electric bill (through the POWER on program). To apply for this particular energy bill assistance program please call 1-800-657-3710 or you can also go to the Minnesota Commerce website to look for assistance programs. If you want to know more about this position, you can call 651-774-9010 or 888-774-9070.

Excel Energy is a utility company that helps customers with things like payment plans and energy conservation. Look for ways to save money or get money from the government to pay bills. Excel Energy provides assistance programs to help customers with their energy bills. These programs include help with bill payment, energy efficiency, and weatherization. Customers can apply for assistance through the company’s website.

Xcel Energy’s low-income energy efficiency program helps low-income families save money on their energy bills. The program provides free energy-saving products and services to income-eligible households. This may be able to provide homeowners who qualify with Energy Conservation Improvements.

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