Food Pantries

Vanderburgh County food pantries.

There are many people who struggle to get food, and Vanderburgh County’s food banks can help them out. The centers will do their best to accommodate everyone, but they may not have enough resources to help everyone. Some of the most prominent food pantries and non-profits in the area are as follows.

The food pantries may offer free boxes of food to the community. They may contain food that is in cans, fruits, vegetables, food that will go bad quickly, and more. Staff can also usually direct clients to government and public assistance programs such as programs that provide food or money for food. Many people in Vanderburgh County visit churches, food pantries, and other centers each month.

It also operates a thrift store. The Bread of Life Ministry provides free food and clothing to people in need. It also operates a thrift store where people can buy used items. They also work with other organizations that distribute goods to those in need. Other products that may be offered are diapers, baby formula, etc.

The food pantry at Evansville Christian Life Center provides toiletries, canned goods, bread and frozen items to people in need. A few days’ worth of food may be offered.

The Grace Baptist Church is located at 1200 North Garvin Street in Evansville, IN. The church hours are (812) 428-0970. The church has a food pantry that is open to seniors and families. The pantry limits the number of people that it can help each day.

The Aids Resource Group provides food and other basic necessities to AIDs clients and their families who qualify. The pantry is only for Aids Resource Group clients.

The Saint Mary Catholic Church provides groceries as a last resort to those who need assistance. The church is located at 613 Cherry Street in Evansville, Indiana, and can be contacted by telephone at (812) 425-1577. There are also free meals available on holidays, including Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving.

The pantry is located at 100 Washington Ave, Evansville, IN, 47713-1521. You can call (812) 424-2735 for information. You will need to speak with your regular doctor in order to get a referral to see a specialist.

The address of Saint Matthew’s United Church of Christ is 3007 First Ave, Evansville IN, 47710 and the phone number is (812) 422-8023.

The Central United Methodist Church is located on 300 Mary Street in Evansville, Indiana. The telephone number for the church is (812) 424-3574. The church provides an emergency food pantry to help Vanderburgh County families living in poverty. Food that can be kept for a while, like rice, as well as things you might need to buy regularly from a grocery store, like milk, can be given.

The main address for YWCA is 118 Vine Street in Evansville, Indiana. The telephone number is (812) 422-1191. Clients and applicants need a referral from the Rescue Mission, Catholic Charities, Outreach Ministries, or Community Action Program of Evansville. The pantry will hand out groceries and other items. This means that hot meals are also available to senior citizens and the disabled. Kids can get snacks as part of the Summer Food Service Program, or parents can apply for free school lunches from the USDA.

The Life in Abundance Church is located at 2323 South Walnut Lane in Evansville, Indiana. The church provides clothing, holiday meals, blankets, and other items to people in need. The church’s telephone number is (812) 479-1970. Those without homes may also be given aid.

The Evansville River Food Bank provides food for residents of Vanderburgh County. The main address is 1138 East Blackford, Evansville IN, 47714. The phone number is (812) 422-8102. You can buy groceries and other items here.

Simpson United Methodist Church is located at 2201 West Illinois St., Evansville, IN, 47712. The church can be contacted by dialing (812) 423-7636.

The North Park Baptist Church provides assistance to those in need, whether it be a meal or infant formula for a new, single mom. For hours, please call 812-424-0717.

There is a food pantry and soup kitchen at the Salem’s Sharing Basket location. Low income families in Vanderburgh County are provided with fruits, soup, and more.

The address of Bethesda Ministries is 1820 Strington in Evansville, Indiana. The main phone number is 812-424-2747.

The church provides food to people in need through Feeding America. Volunteers collect food items from the community and provide them to people who are in need. There may also be collections of clothing, referrals, and hot meals.

The St John’s United Methodist Church is located in Evansville, Indiana. The church was founded in 1900, and its current pastor is Rev. Fulton. The church’s main purpose is to provide a place of worship and fellowship for the community.

If you are a senior citizen in Evansville, Indiana, you can request a home-delivered meal from the Good Shepherd Assembly of God.

The food pantry services at Bell Tower Clinic are available to low-income and struggling individuals in Evansville.

The Saint Paul Lutheran Church in Evansville, Indiana, provides free food and personal hygiene items to those in need. To receive assistance, please call the center at (812) 422-5414. There is a soup kitchen that not only feeds the homeless, but also serves Christmas meals.

The church located at 6944 Boyer Dr, Newburgh IN, 47629 provides a food bank for the community. The food bank number is (812) 842-0930.

The Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Evansville, Indiana, offers fresh fruits, canned goods, vegetables, and more to those in need. The main number for the church is (812)423-1963. Both students and children can get help.

Adam’s Pantry is located at 314 South East Riverside Drive in Evansville, Indiana. The store’s phone number is (812) 499-8422.

The food pantry at Oak Hill Baptist Church in Evansville, Indiana provides three to four days’ worth of groceries to those in need. The things that are being talked about are either fresh or frozen.

For more information about soup kitchens and food pantries, call 812-425-0775. Callers can learn about other food assistance programs, such as Meals on Wheels or food stamps (SNAP) application sites in Vanderburgh County.

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