Virginia uninsured medical care programs.

Many families in Virginia do not have health insurance that covers all of their medical needs. If you have low income and no health insurance, the state may be able to help.

There are government programs and non-profit organizations that help people with accessing medications, medical care, and other needs. Only those who meet the qualifications will be offered assistance. This means that each program has different standards for what is considered low income, and whether or not someone has access to other private health insurance plans.

The resources that are available are summarized below. The state of Virginia may be able to help pay for your or your family’s medications, basic medical checkups, testing, or care for your child. Some centers will help people even if they don’t qualify for other government programs like Medicaid.

Families who cannot afford health insurance for their children will be able to get it through this program. The applicant is not eligible for public assistance, such as Medicaid, and they cannot afford to pay for private health insurance. The Virginia program, FAMIS, can help with costs for prescription medicine, doctor and hospital visits, well baby checkups, vaccinations, tests and x-rays, dental and vision service, emergency care, and mental health. The number to reach the customer service line for the company is 866-873-2647.

The AIDS Drug Assistance Program is a program that provides financial assistance to people with HIV/AIDS. It is available in all states, including Virginia. If the government has enough money, it will pay for the HIV/AIDS medication that people need. It will only help families who have low incomes and who do not have insurance. There may be a waiting list, and various restrictions may apply. In Virginia, you can dial 800-392-1309 to apply and enroll.

Women who live in Virginia may be able to get free cancer screenings, including breast and cervical cancer. The Breast & Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program/BCCEDP provides assistance to women under the age of 65 who are not eligible for Medicaid and who need help with breast or cervical cancer screenings. Full medical care is available. The organization will offer a free clinic visit and various testing services. If you are diagnosed with cancer by this program, you may be eligible for enrollment in a Medicaid treatment program called BCCPTA. Applicants also need to either have no insurance, or their insurance does not cover the treatment. The number 866-395-4968 is a phone number.

The Chlamydia Prevention Program will work to ensure that people are screened and tested for Chlamydia and other sexually transmitted diseases. The phone number for the company is 800-533-4148.

This grant program is for people who are waiting for approval for the Federal Health Coverage Tax Credit. The resource pays for around 70% of the government health insurance premiums. To enroll, individuals need to receive payments from the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation or benefits under the Trade Act. To contact customer service, please dial 866-484-8130.

The Virginia PCIP is a program that provides medical care and health insurance for patients who have pre-existing conditions. The state and the Department of Health and Human Services work together to provide this coverage. This means that the government will fund a wide variety of health services and products, including but not limited to drugs and doctors’ visits. The patient will still be responsible for paying a portion of their medical bills and deductibles. The number 866-717-5826 is a phone number.

This means that certain prescription medications may be available for free from the Rx Partnership. This is offered for people who do not have insurance in Virginia. The non-profit provides free prescription medications for low income people and those without insurance through clinics around the state. The organization will establish affiliations and partnerships with pharmaceutical companies to provide free or discounted prescription medication for people who do not have insurance. If you would like more information, please call 866-262-5510.

Technology Assistance provides telecommunications equipment for those with disabilities. This can include phones that make noise louder, phones that show words being spoken, devices that make a doorbell sound, and other devices that are used for medical purposes. Devices can also be trained. The phone number 800-552-7917 is for the company J.P. Morgan.

The VFC offers free or low-cost vaccines for children. The State of Virginia provides medications to local health clinics and agencies. These locations will then give the doses of the vaccine to physicians/health clinics in Virginia that want to participate in the program. Immunization can help prevent diseases such as mumps, pertussis, hepatitis, flu, measles, polio, and many others. The number 800-568-1929 is a customer service number for AT&T.

The WISEWOMAN program is offered to low-income women and can help them detect and get treatment for diseases such as cardiovascular disease. In addition to being low income, the applicant cannot have insurance that will cover this service. WISEWOMAN will usually give referrals to other hospitals and specialists. If you want more information, you can call 804-864-7877.

The Virginia Bleeding Disorders Program offers care and treatment to people with hemophilia and other similar or related bleeding disorders. The program will cover the cost of comprehensive care and services, physical therapy, hospitalization for severe episodes, and lab tests. There are several places that offer this service, and there are guidelines in place for how much money you can make and still use the service. This is a phone number.

The state of Virginia pays for Medicaid with block grants from the federal government. There are programs available to help with medical bills for those who are working poor or have low incomes, as well as for those with special needs. Other groups of people who may be covered under this law include pregnant women and the disabled. Medicaid is a health insurance program that helps low-income people pay for medical care. It covers doctor visits, hospital stays, and prescriptions. This is a phone number.

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