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Volusia County Council on Aging senior assistance programs.

The Volusia County Council on Aging provides help and support to seniors in the community and to the people who care for them. There are many programs that can help people live independently. These programs can provide short-term assistance with needs such as housing, food, and transportation.

Dozens of employees work with the agency, as well as many volunteers, to coordinate services. Some programs, such as minor home repairs from a Handyman service or Meals on Wheels, rely mostly on volunteers from the community. The Council on Aging also provides other programs, including information on free food from a pantry or durable medical equipment.

If you are an elderly person who is facing hunger, you can sign up for Meals on Wheels, or you can seek out a free hot lunch. Home delivery is usually only available for special circumstances (with approval from beforehand). A volunteer may deliver food to those who are homebound, sick, or have just been released from a hospital. There could be a small fee.

You can get free lunches from the Volusia County Council on Aging. This program is available to seniors or their spouses who can get out and about and have access to transportation. Food and company are provided for free.

This is a service that provides cheap, minor repairs around the home. Only pre-screened and approved contractors will be hired to do the work. The program is only for small projects, such as widening doorways for wheelchair access, painting, installing grab bars for safety, or minor plumbing work. The staff can visit any senior or disabled person that lives in Volusia County.

The Volusia County Council on Aging Housekeeping and Personal Chore service helps seniors with everyday tasks like cleaning and cooking. The cost of the program is usually small, but some seniors may be eligible for a free program. If you are approved by the staff, you can help with cleaning, laundry, and some other minor chores around the home.

This can even include just general companionship, such as helping around the house or providing transportation to local Daytona Beach or other towns. Sometimes a senior citizen can no longer drive because of age or medical reasons. Even if someone has a lot of money, they may still need to go grocery shopping or make it to a doctor appointment. The Volusia County chore program can help low-cost transportation by reimbursing gasoline expenses.

Guardianship is a way to make sure that a person is treated fairly. Oftentimes, elderly people need assistance with managing their finances or comprehending medical topics. This service helps make sure that people with disabilities are treated fairly in their community. The 7th Judicial Circuit Court system in Volusia County can even appoint a guardian for the elderly person.

Community Resources from Council on Aging in Volusia County

Older people who are living on a fixed income, such as a pension, often need financial support. The COA can provide information on medical or health care needs or directing clients to free items from charities and government agencies. The state of Florida provides programs to help with housing and energy bills, and the Department of Children and Families can provide additional assistance and resources. These resources can help a senior in a crisis and get them back on track to stability.

Medicaid or Medicare is a program where the federal government helps to pay for managed health insurance for qualifying patients. The family will need to pay some co-pays and apply for other funding. When possible, the health care policy will help eligible, low income individuals with the cost of prescriptions, medical or dental appointments. This will help ensure that everyone has access to the care they need.

The Volusia County Council on Aging can help residents apply for benefits. The patient will be responsible for some of the costs, and the government will only cover part of the medical expenses.

Any legal assistance or advice that may be needed can be provided. If the senior is having difficulty in obtaining government benefits (such as Medicare), then an attorney may be able to help. They also help clients avoid scams and the legal aid will generally care for any issue that comes up.

Beach Street The Volusia County Council on Aging is a group that helps elderly people in the county. They are located at 160 N. Beach Street. Beach Street is a street located in Daytona Beach, Florida 32114. This office provides assistance with things like getting a job, and they can be contacted at (386) 253-4700.

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