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Warren County assistance programs.

Organizations that provide aid and help for expenses. Locate emergency grants.

If you are struggling, two places you can go for help are the Family Promise of Warren County Interfaith Hospitality Network and NORWESCAP. They are both organizations that help people in need by providing services and resources. The following organizations can provide you with more information about careers in the food industry. Contact information is also included.

Rental assistance

If you are struggling to pay your rent or are in danger of being evicted, the Family Promise of Warren County can help. The Warren County Interfaith Hospitality Network offers assistance to families in need, providing them with a place to stay and other resources to help them get back on their feet. Thousands of dollars of assistance and cash grants can be provided to help people with future rental payments. This assistance can help with rent for up to 12 months. The money is to be paid out on a monthly basis. This is so that the organizations can ensure that people are meeting their obligations, as the program is not intended to be long term charity. The monthly payments are due to the uncertainty of available funding and to ensure that residents are following their agreed-upon budgets and paying their fair share of the rent. To get in touch with Family Promise, call 908.453.2194.

New Jersey Universal Service Fund (USF)

The USF assistance program is a state-sponsored program that provides financial assistance to low and moderate income customers with their energy and heating bills. The energy bill assistance program helps people pay for their natural gas, heating oil, and electric bills. To be considered for USF, applicants must apply for the federal government LIHEAP program. For more information, please contact NORWESCAP. The phone number can be found below.

Home Energy Assistance

This is another option that provides grants to assist eligible households to help them meet both their home heating and cooling costs. The money is available for families who reside in the counties of Somerset, Hunterdon, Warren or Sussex. This means that the government will pay your utility or fuel bill directly to the company.

Warren New Jersey Case Management Services

This is also something that NORWESCAP offers. They offer many different types of programs to help people, including programs that focus on case management services, counseling, and referrals. The case management approach is a way to provide coordinated services to people in the community. This approach can help improve access to local resources and programs, as well as provide other supportive services to assist individuals and families reach their goals. There are many programs that help women with things such as getting a job, being economically stable, and even dealing with medical debt and collectors. These programs help women become more independent and successful.

Utility Bill Assistance from New Jersey SHARES

A program that helps eligible families and individuals in Somerset, Hunterdon, Morris, Sussex, and Warren Counties pay their utility bills temporarily. This means that you cannot apply for this program if you have already been cut off from utility services, or if you are currently receiving assistance from another utility assistance program. This means that they cannot participate in or receive benefits from other state or government programs.

Food Assistance

Last but not least, NORWESCAP provides free food. They manage a food bank that provides needy people with free meals. They also have other programs that provide nutritious meals.

Foreclosure Prevention and Mortgage Help in Warren County

If you are a homeowner who is struggling to make ends meet, there are organizations that can help you. NORWESCAP has one employee who is a housing counselor. This person helps people who are in a housing crisis or who are about to be foreclosed on. The Housing Foreclosure Coordinator will work with people who are having trouble with their housing, and those who need help with their mortgage payments. They will offer free advice, review their financial options, check for eligibility for state, federal government and other programs, (including New Jersey mortgage programs), and help the homeowner develop a budget. The goal of this program is to help families have safe and stable housing, and to prevent or stop any foreclosure filings.

If you want more information on any of NORWESCAP’s programs or to apply for one, you can call them at (908) 454-7000.

Help for bills in a crisis

The Urban League of Morris County provides financial assistance to eligible individuals for paying their gas and electric bills. Applicants must have either a cutoff notice or have had their power or heating service disconnected already. The programs are designed to help Warren County New Jersey families who are facing short-term financial difficulties, such as job loss or medical emergencies, and have exhausted all other options, such as government aid. The Urban League’s telephone number is (973) 539 – 2121. You can also find more Urban League locations by searching online. Click on the link to open the page.

Hope House/Catholic Charities provides financial assistance to low to moderate income persons with HIV/AIDS and their immediate family members. Some programs offer financial assistance for emergency expenses and basic needs, like rent, mortgage, and utility bill payments. Others may provide temporary shelter. The Hope House also operates it. To speak to a customer service representative, please call (800) 213 – 4967.

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