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Washington County Utah Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Salvation Army in Washington County Utah offers free food, Christmas toys, and school supplies. The charity organization provides cash grants for rent or utilities, services including case management, overnight shelter, free back to school supplies or Christmas gifts and can even coordinate substance abuse help for people from St. George battling an addiction. The resources available are many and varied.

Basic needs, including shelter

The charity organization is involved in providing stuff like food, clothes, and other necessities to low income households, those caught in a disaster such as a fire or flood, and families in crisis. The items at the Salvation Army center in St. George come from many different places. The charity runs a thrift store and food pantry. In some cases, the thrift store may give out free vouchers that can be used to purchase items from the store, effectively giving the client free items.

The Salvation Army also provides shelter for its guests. Helping the homeless can often be beneficial. If there are empty beds available at the shelter, people are able to stay for one or two nights. The charity may also provide them with a meal, an article of clothing, and help the individual find job/long term housing and other support.

The shelter, basic needs such as free food from the pantry, and more are also for families that have had a tough time in their life. The policy also has the potential to help out those who are more vulnerable. Some people who may have a hard time finding a job are veterans, single moms, or women who have survived domestic violence. The Salvation Army in Washington County Utah is a non-profit organization that provides assistance to people in need, regardless of their background, race, or religion.

In addition to the regular needs, extra seasonal needs are given out. The Salvation Army provides free toys, clothing, meals, and gifts at Christmas or Thanksgiving, and school supplies for low income families. O.S. There are also volunteers that visit senior citizens in S.O.S. Volunteers bring holiday food to people who cannot leave their homes.

St. George Salvation Army financial help

The Salvation Army will only give a limited amount of money in grants, including the Utah free community clinic medical care Homeless Prevention programs. Financial aid is available as a last resort and usually has restrictions. The charity may give a couple of dollars to help pay a rent payment or past due utility or water bill. This is for a crisis only and if the family does not have any other resources available. Applicants need the ability to pay their bills in the future.

There may be other critical expenses that need to be paid as well. A voucher for a motel room for a night or two is given as part of disaster relief. If a sick, uninsured resident needs critical prescription medications, then they may be given vouchers to help cover the cost. The St. George may also provide financial aid for gas money to get to work, small repairs that are needed, or unusual expenses for housing.

Advice and free case management

The Salvation Army provides services to help people break the cycle of financial struggle, poverty, or unemployment. The workers at the center help clients with many different things so they can overcome their struggles. We need to help them understand their challenges and work with them to overcome them. These activities are private, free, and done with experts.

The Salvation Army in Washington County Utah is good at giving referrals. This is done by partnering with job centers, non-profit credit counselors, and housing providers. Different resources are used to help the client overcome their financial hardship and get back on track

The process of working with a therapist is constantly moving between the therapist and the client as they both work together to achieve the client’s goals. Some of the financial aid intended to pay for bills, housing, and other expenses may be given to the client to keep them stable during this process.

Applying for Salvation Programs in Washington County

To get more information about the Salvation Army center in St. George, please call (435) 275-4975. The main center is located at 803 S Bluff St, St. George, UT 84770.

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