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Wayne County area low income housing units and homeless shelters.

Individuals who are homeless or facing eviction in Wayne County Michigan can receive support from emergency homeless shelters, as well as low income and transitional housing units. A number of organizations and government programs offer financial assistance to those who need it. In addition to providing a place to stay, clients can access other services such as career counseling, education, and job placement. These services can help clients get back on their feet and improve their lives.

The main objective for anyone staying at a center in the Detroit area is to find housing that is long term and permanent as soon as possible. Social workers help clients identify goals and access resources to achieve self-sufficiency. Also, get help finding a new place to live. This will include information about programs that can help with rent and security deposits in Wayne County, as well as referrals to other resources. The most common low income housing resources in the region are listed below.

This organization provides transitional housing and emergency shelter for young women, their children, and at risk girls in the Detroit, Michigan area. Some people may also need to sign up for the Transition to Independent Living Program. This will offer educational services, counseling to address personal and family issues, and help people prepare for, seek and obtain employment.

Cass Community Social Services is a non-profit organization in Detroit, Michigan that provides various services to the community, such as food assistance and housing. The organization can be contacted by phone at (313) 883-2277. Transitional housing is a type of housing designed to help people who are homeless and have serious mental illness. It provides a safe place to live while people get the treatment and support they need to move into permanent housing. The goal is to help them live independently again.

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Mom’s Place is a part of Cass Community Social Services that is located on Webb St in Detroit, Michigan. The phone number for Mom’s Place is (313) 883-2277. Another location for Mom’s Place is at the address of 1464 Webb St. Detroit, MI 48206-1383.

Catholic Social Services of Wayne County offers transitional housing for teen mothers. The organization is located in Detroit, Michigan, and can be reached by telephone at (313) 873-0117. The apartments offer access to counseling, literacy classes, and assistance completing your GED and/or returning to high school. Food and money may be given as well.

Detroit, MI 48221 The Teen Infant Parenting Services (TIPS) Coalition on Temporary Shelter is a organization in Detroit, MI that helps teenage parents. They have two locations, one on Peterboro and one on Wyoming Ave. The telephone number for the organization is (313) 831-3777. The telephone number is (313) 862-3234.

The Coalition On Temporary Shelter Transitional Housing – Women And Children is a non-profit organization that can provide qualified Wayne County residents with housing for up to 24 months while they work towards educational goals and overall economic stability. People will have to pay a small amount of money for their unit. This means that you will have someone to help you with your education, job search and placement while you are working.

Covenant House Michigan is a low income housing unit located at 2959 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. in Detroit, MI. Call (313) 463-2600 for information or intake.

The number is (313) 865-6262 There are a few different Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries locations in the Wayne County region. Each location has a different telephone number, as indicated below. -3840 Fairview, Detroit, Michigan 48214, (313) 331-8990 -131 Stimson St., Detroit, MI 48231, telephone number is (313) 993-4700 -Genesis House II is based at 2015 Webb St., Detroit, MI 48206, call (313) 883-5614 -Christian Guidance Center, 91 Glendale, Highland Park, Michigan 48203, call (313) 869-8569 -OASIS – 13220 Woodward Ave., Highland Park, MI 48203. The number is (313) 865-6262 Call this lower income housing program at (313) 868-1946 to find out which shelters are currently available. Other resources that may be available to you include help with getting an ID, help finding housing, assistance with your job search, nutritional information, and referrals to other helpful community resources.

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The goal is to help these individuals get back on their feet and improve their lives. This location offers a one year residential program aimed at individuals who have behavioral and even substance abuse problems. The goal is to help these individuals get back on their feet and improve their lives.

They also offer support in areas such as education, employment and food bank assistance. Lutheran Social Services of Michigan provides a Heartline Residence for Women in Detroit, MI. This residence can provide transitional housing and shelter for women for up to 6 months, as well as offer support in areas such as education, employment and food bank assistance. The main number for this charity is (313) 923-4200. This organization provides job programs, financial literacy classes, free meals and clothing to those in need. in Canton, just west of I-275. There is another center at 30600 Michigan Ave. in Canton, west of I-275. The Westland is a region located in the west of the country. It is known for its scenic beauty, and its diverse range of landscapes, including mountains, forests, and coastline.

The organization provides services to people who are homeless and struggling with addiction in Detroit, Michigan. Services include providing housing, meals, and counseling.

The Peter Claver Center is a transitional shelter for women in Detroit, Michigan. The center offers shelter for women who have a history of homelessness, substance abuse, or domestic violence. Other services available include assistance with finding low income housing, rental and security deposit programs, and general guidance.

The Lifehouse – Travelers Aid Society Of Metropolitan Detroit is a non-profit organization that helps people who are experiencing homelessness. They provide resources such as food, clothing, and shelter. They also offer case management services and help people connect with other community resources.

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The Ruth Ellis Center is a safe haven for LGBTQ+ youth, providing shelter and independent living assistance. This program helps these young people get back on their feet and start living healthy, fulfilling lives. In addition to housing, people have access to basic education on life skills, how to build interpersonal skills, employment preparation, and ways to improve mental and physical health.

Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL 32805 The address for Veteran’s Haven, Inc. is 4924 S. Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando, Florida. The Veterans must have been honorably discharged from any of the US Military Branches. In addition to clothing and transportation assistance for job interviews, the program also provides unemployed veterans and their families with the necessary resources for employment. Last but not least, participants may receive guidance for independent living, filing VA claims, financial literacy, and budgeting. This will help participants be prepared for life after the program and ensure that they are able to live comfortably and manage their finances effectively.


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