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Weld County Salvation Army emergency assistance.

The Weld County Salvation Army is a local branch of the national Salvation Army organization. They help with a variety of things, from housing to senior citizens to disaster relief and free Christmas toys or meals. There are a few needs-based programs and financial aid options, but they are not very extensive. When possible, the Greeley center assists clients with finding rent assistance, heating bill programs, or free food pantries.

This means that different types of resources are available for different age groups or needs. The community provides assistance to everyone, from senior citizens to immigrants and the youth. The Salvation Army in Greeley, Colorado also tailors its social services to the specific needs of the community.

There are different housing programs available to help with housing needs. Residents who are homeless may be given a place to stay, as well as families who are in danger of losing their home. The following is a list of things that may be supplied:

Emergency housing is for people who are homeless and need a place to stay. Transitional housing is for people who are moving out of a shelter and need a place to stay until they can find a permanent home. There are apartments for veterans, families with children, and particularly senior citizens in Weld County. Social workers from the Salvation Army can help individuals seek programs to help them pay rent or maybe a security deposit as part of Housing First. The elderly can apply for Silvercrest Senior Residences, which is in neighboring counties.

Seasonal programs in Weld County operate during the fall and winter. During Christmas, toys are given out to children in need based on donations from the community. This program is called Angel Tree. There are holiday parties in Greeley to make people happy. The goal of the Angel Tree service is to provide food, meals, and gifts to as many lower income families and seniors as possible. However, this can only be done if people donate to the service.

Many organizations offer programs to help people during difficult times of the year. For example, some programs may help with paying for gas or heating bills during winter, while others may provide Thanksgiving meals for the homeless or those in poverty. Volunteers try to deliver hot prepared meals to people in the community who are homebound, disabled, or elderly. The Salvation Army provides programs and services locally and across the country.

The Salvation Army operates a food pantry to help people in an emergency or who live paycheck to paycheck. Anyone in a crisis who is hungry or homeless can use the pantry if they meet the qualifications. They can use the box of groceries given out as a form of food assistance. It helps families to have enough food.

Other social services may be available as well. This means that the Greeley Salvation Army Corps center is smaller than most and can’t do everything that other centers can. They partner with other offices to help with things they can’t do. This means that applicants may sometimes be referred to other locations for support.

There may not be enough money to cover everything you need, so it’s best to use it for things that are urgent. If you or your family need a prescription drug for a serious illness in Weld County, you can contact the Salvation Army. If a person is in danger of having their heat or electricity turned off, or if they need help paying rent, then support may be arranged. This will require a financial contribution from the applicant and also require working with a Salvation Army social worker to develop and carry out a plan.

Substance abusers can get help from Harbor Light. There may be some small costs for this, but the Salvation Army will help you to stop the cycle of abuse.

Young people can also be helped. This means that there are programs available to help children from low income households in a variety of ways, including providing guidance and support, making referrals to summer camp, and more. The Salvation Army in Weld County will make sure that children are fed by giving them free, healthy food. Children can be given a snack during the summer months when they are not in school. Children can also go to a place to get school supplies or a free winter coat, hats, or gloves during the winter.

The Salvation Army in Greeley, Colorado has programs to help people in the short and long term. If you are not qualified for a referral, you can still go to the main office at 1119 6th Street, Greeley, Colorado 80631. To get information, call (970) 346-1661.

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