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Western Nebraska Volunteers of America assistance programs

Volunteers of America is a non-profit organization that helps people in need. They are a national group that helps the less fortunate in Western Nebraska, including Garden, Morrill, Sheridan, and nearby regions. They have a lot of volunteers and staff, work with churches, and coordinate resources to help the low income and working poor.

Get financial help as well as free food from VOA in Western Nebraska

If you need help paying your utility bills or rent, Garden County Nebraska may be able to assist you. Volunteers of America partners with the United Methodist Church of Oshkosh and the Community Action Partnership of Western Nebraska to provide assistance. The amount of assistance given to low-income families will depend on how much money they make, as set by the federal government. In order to prove hardship, you will need to provide copies of your ID, lease, social security cards, and utility bills, as well as any other relevant documents. To make an appointment, please call (308) 778-5548.

The Volunteers of America in Western Nebraska is dedicated to helping the homeless population through various means. This includes providing them with shelter, food, and other necessary resources to help them get back on their feet. The organization also offers programs and services to help the homeless population transition into more stable and permanent housing situations. The focus on the region, which includes but is not limited to Sheridan, Garden, and other counties. There may be places where veterans can live temporarily as well as places where they can live permanently. The organization provides job placement, financial assistance for storage costs, and other resources. If you are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless in Nebraska, there are programs available to help you. These programs can provide financial assistance and other services to help you keep your home or to quickly find a new home if you have to move.

No one in Garden County should have to go without food. The food pantry is committed to making sure everyone has enough to eat. The food bank was started by the Western Nebraska Volunteers of America and local churches. Many organizations raise money and provide support to the food pantry. Other local groups, businesses, individuals, and churches donate food and money to keep the shelves full at the pantry. The organization is in high demand and the volunteers work hard to help everyone who needs it. This program has been beneficial for a lot of people in the area, especially those who have a set income or rely on pensions.

Volunteers from the area are critical for the long term success of the food pantry. Volunteers can assist with various tasks related to food distribution, such as collecting food items, packing boxes, and distributing boxes to individuals in need. The food bank relies on donations of groceries, money, and volunteers’ time to keep it running. This is a question that many people have. Many people wonder if they should help others or not. The food pantry is at the Volunteers of America site in Lewellen, Nebraska.

Help for kids and parents with day care and holiday needs

There is a daycare center in Chappell, Nebraska. This was created to help families in their community. It was created in partnership with other groups such as the Thomas Buckley Trust, Miller Memorial Nursing Home, and local residents. Together, they worked to create something that would benefit the community.

This means that the local child care center meets the state standards for health and safety. The organization can take care of children who are 13 years old or younger during the day. This will create a safe and supportive environment for all children in the area. The government may provide subsidies as resources become available. The number you dialed is not in service. Please check the number and try again.

The Volunteers of America may offer Christmas assistance and baskets in the Western Nebraska counties of Grant, Garden, and Cheyenne. The non-profit provides Christmas and Holiday Baskets for families in need with the help of its volunteers. There are several youth groups in the area that take donations and collect items such as food and gifts to be put in baskets for those in need. Other groups in the community besides the police department also contribute to the holiday baskets, such as local charities and church members. They donate things like cash, toys, and meals.

Volunteers of America Thrift Store, clothing and furniture banks in Western Nebraska

A Community Closet Thrift Store is a store where people can buy low-cost goods from across the region. This is a good alternative for low to moderate income families to buy things they need. Families from across the region, including Arthur, Deuel, and Morrill, go to the store to shop. AmeriCorps is an important partner in this venture, as most of the inventory and merchandise for sale are donated.

The Volunteers of America Western Nebraska Community Closet is in the Prairie Winds Collective building on Main Street in Oshkosh. The center is looking for donations of children’s clothing, winter coats, toys, books, dishes, electronics, shoes, furniture, bedding, and towels. These items should be in good condition.

The Volunteers of America sell low cost goods and they can also pass out free stuff. There may be furniture or clothing. In addition to food, hot meals and more, needy people are also given household supplies or school items. The goal is to help families who have low incomes, and to find things that are free and nearby.

Phone number for Western Nebraska VOA

The organization is committed to helping people in the region, including the counties of Grant, Arthur, Cheyenne, Garden, Deuel, and Keith. Volunteers of America is a organization who helps the less fortunate across the western part of the state. They collect money, clothes and food from western Nebraska churches and charities to help with emergency rent or utility assistance. Call this number for information and referrals.

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