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Western Oklahoma Family Care Center assistance programs.

The Hope Dental Clinic is one of the many services provided by the Western Oklahoma Family Care Center. The Beckham and Cotton County agency can also provide financial help, but it is limited. This help is provided in partnership with agencies such as the Salvation Army. The Wildlife and Fisheries Commission of Central California can give more information and applications for their help programs.

If you live in a certain area, you may be able to get money from the government to help pay your heating and gas bills. To qualify for this program, the applicant must earn a regular, sustainable income and be in receipt of a disconnect notice that is imminent. The applicant must have also made every possible effort to pay the utility provider on his or her own, including using LIHEAP.

This financial assistance is usually provided with counseling. You can also get help with money matters and other personal problems through WOFCC. All services from Western Oklahoma Family Care Center must be scheduled in advance.

The Hope Dental Clinic is a low-cost clinic that provides dental care to those who are very low income or uninsured. The dental clinic offers many free services, such as check-ups, tooth extractions, permanent fillings, cleanings, and hygiene. The dental service is for people who are eligible.

The applicant must be able to demonstrate that they are either uninsured or unable to afford treatment that is documented as necessary. To get services from the Beckham County center, you need to fill out an application for the Hope Dental Clinic. This means that an appointment will only be made after this has been reviewed, which may be many weeks into the future.

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The Western Oklahoma Family Care Center works with the Western Technology Center in Weatherford, the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (OUHSC), local colleges and their School of Dentistry, and the Beckham Department of Hygiene to provide dental care to the community. These groups work to provide a practical environment in which dental hygiene students progress and care for low income individuals.

Medical care that is not related to the main injury or illness is also provided. TheWFCC owns and operates its own Hope Medical Clinics, which are appointment-only, in addition to the dental care mentioned above. You need to make an appointment to get help at this place, it is not a drop in facility.

The non-profit agency offers low-cost prescription medications through its licensed charitable pharmacy. The Hope Medical Clinic provides a program for their patients who are also residents of local nursing homes, including Elk City, Bell Avenue, and Hensley’s in Sayre, Oklahoma. This program is run in partnership with the nursing homes. The pharmacy does not store or provide any narcotics or other controlled medications to patients.

The clinics have reduced hours, however are typically open a few days each week. Appointments are required for medical or dental care, as well as for medications.

The WOFCC thrift store is open to everyone. This site is called Christi’s Bazaar. It has new and gently used shoes, clothing, furniture, school supplies, household items, and toys. The prices at the thrift store are very low and affordable. Some clients may be able to get free items from the thrift store by using vouchers that are available to people who can’t afford their immediate needs. The store’s phone number is 580-225-0336.

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The Respect Your Elders nursing home ministry is for people who are elderly or have disabilities and who don’t live at home anymore. The goal of the Western Oklahoma Family Care Center program is to improve quality of life and enhance the well-being of nursing home residents in Jefferson Beckham, and other regions. The help available focuses on those who do not have a regular support network of family and friends.

Respect Your Elders provides free hearing aids to hearing-impaired residents, TVs and headphones to mobility-challenged residents, free food to seniors/disabled, and new clothing to residents who wear pajamas if needed. Donations and items from the thrift store can be used to meet a lot of different needs.

WOFCC is willing to accept any donations of items that can be used to help the elderly program and nursing home service. They need a lot of stuff, and they give it away to Christi’s Bazaar. The Respect Your Elders campaign welcomes any monetary contribution, no matter the amount.

The WOFCC Career Center is a place where people can go to find employment. The library has new computers that you can use for free. The center will offer a number of useful functions, including access to the Internet for use in searching for jobs and submitting applications; support to clients from teachers who those working to earn high school diplomas or GED certificates; classes on Windows and Microsoft Office skills and abilities.

The WOFCC and the Salvation Army are partnering to help provide housing and basic necessities to homeless people who are stranded. This service helps people get to their destination, and requests can be submitted at the office.

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For more information on these programs, you can contact Western Oklahoma Family Care Center. They are currently based in Elk City, OK 73648. The phone number is 580-225-5500.


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