Assistance Program

Whitman County assistance programs.

Low income financial assistance programs

There are many resources available for people in need through the Community Action Center Whitman County.

Crisis rental assistance means that if you are in a financial crisis, you may be able to get some money to help you pay for your rent. The financial assistance that can be paid out has a limit of $250.00 per qualified applicant. This means that if you are facing eviction, or need help with a security deposit or first month’s rent, you may be able to get financial assistance. To be eligible for rent assistance, you must meet with a Family Development Specialist to see if there are other possible solutions to your personal housing crisis.

The Avista Share program offers grants to people who need emergency assistance, and it is for customers who have received a shutoff notice. The state of Washington offers a variety of programs to help residents save energy. These programs include financial incentives, education and training, and technical assistance.

The community action agency is the government agency that manages the Section 8 housing program in a given area. The program makes it easier for people who are elderly, have low incomes, work but don’t earn much, or have a disability to afford rental housing. In the section 8 housing choice voucher program, participants generally pay 30% of their total monthly income for rent expenses and utilities. This leaves them with 70% of their income to spend on other necessary expenses.

Project Share is a program that may be able to provide emergency one time only heating assistance to local families and individuals experiencing a financial hardship or some type of emergency. If you have a shutoff notice from a utility provider, or if you are out of heating fuel, you may seek assistance. Project share assistance is limited to $200.00 and may only be accessed once per calendar year.

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