Rent Assistance

Wichita County Texas rent and housing assistance.

There are a few agencies in Wichita County that help tenants with their rent. There is help available to stop homelessness before it happens. If a family is struggling to pay for their home or they don’t have a home, some funds may help them pay for a security deposit or the first month’s rent that a landlord may require.

Different types of people with different ages, religions, and backgrounds apply for this job. There are some grants which are designed to help single mothers or fathers, and others which help immigrants with their housing needs. Some non-profits will only provide loans to cover the cost of rent. The section 8 HUD vouchers in Wichita County Texas may give priority to senior citizens or the disabled that have a very low income. Short term rental assistance is open to anyone.

Many charities also provide case management services along with financial assistance for rental, housing, or utility costs. The Salvation Army of Wichita Falls will help people get jobs, and churches also provide places to stay. If you are in danger of being evicted, seek help from a rent assistance program as soon as possible. It is better for everyone if we all work together.

The church is located at 1101 11th Street in Wichita Falls, Texas. The main phone number for the church is 940-322-1365. The church is only open on Monday and Tuesday. Based on donations, the organization can help with security or utility deposits, as well as back rent payments.

The Wichita Falls County Housing Authority provides Section 8 HUD vouchers to help with ongoing rent payments at an apartment. The Housing Authority can be contacted at (940) 723-8389. This is a program in which the tenant needs to continue to pay a reduced amount for their income. A large number of people who receive assistance from the Housing and Urban Development department are elderly, disabled, and low-income. They also need to help pay for rent and electricity.

The Rolling Plains Management Corporation provides grants to low income families that can be used towards paying rent. They also discuss employment, benefits, and other housing concerns.

The Faith Mission Homeless Shelter is a non-profit organization located in Wichita Falls, TX. They do not have emergency help available. Substance abusers can use the shelter as a place to stay. There is also a rehabilitation program available as well as meals, and when the time is right, guests can be directed to transitional housing. Financial aid programs are also available for deposits or rent.

The Legal Aid of Wichita Falls Office provides free legal assistance and representation to low income families with civil legal needs, such as eviction notices.

The name of the shelter is Faith Mission and it is located at 710 East Hatton Road Wichita Falls, TX 76302 940-322-4673.

The Salvation Army of Wichita Falls helps people in need by providing shelter, food, and referrals to loans and rent assistance. The main number for the Salvation Army of Wichita Falls is 940-322-9822. The also provide day labor for residents, housing resources for immigrants, and can direct clients to other rental programs in the county.

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