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Williamson County Illinois assistance programs.

There are many agencies in Marion that can provide you with financial assistance in an emergency. There is government assistance available in the form of grants to help with rent or energy bills, housing programs, and other aid. Some places where you can get help with food, school supplies, clothes, or Christmas toys are listed below. In addition to job programs, Williamson County also offers free debt reduction services, mortgage assistance, and a variety of other services.

Grants for energy bills, rent, and weatherization programs

Crosswalk Community Action Agency is a local, non-profit organization that provides services and resources to help low to moderate income families and individuals. The goal of the agency is to help people become more self-sufficient and improve their lives. The agency provides grants for things like bills, mortgage payments, and rent.

Mortgage assistance and rent help

If someone is about to be kicked out of their home or is in danger of losing their home, Crosswalk Homeless Prevention Services may be able to help them. The Continuum of Care is a series of programs and resources that are designed to help people who are at risk of becoming homeless, or who are currently homeless. The Continuum of Care can provide people with access to shelter, food, medical care, and other vital services. The assistance provided could be in the form of grants or cash that could help with rent, security deposits or mortgage payments.

The Homeless Prevention Program provides utility bill assistance, general housing assistance, and other supportive services that are directly related to preventing homelessness to eligible individuals and families. The funds, loans and grants are designed for people who are in danger of losing their homes, being evicted or are homeless right now. There are other programs that can help with mortgage payments.

Illinois Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

This is an option for people who cannot afford to pay for their heating bills. The level of help that low income families receive will be based on a number of things, like how much money the household makes, how many people live there, and what kind of fuel they use to heat their home (like propane or heating oil).

An applicant to the LIHEAP program at Crosswalk does not have to be a homeowner or pay energy bills directly to get assistance. This means that they are not the owners of the property, but are simply renting it. You don’t need to have an overdue utility bill or service shut-off notice to get help from LIHEAP. There is a crisis component that will provide emergency assistance if the household is facing a disconnection or if they are already disconnected from any energy source needed for heating and/or a delivered fuel supplier.


The scholarship program provides grants and financial assistance to low-income and disadvantaged people who have high academic attainment or potential and are seeking help for educational expenses. The Crosswalk Community Action Agency is responsible for administering this program. There are also scholarships available for students who come from minority or disadvantaged backgrounds.

Illinois Home Weatherization Assistance Program (IHWAP)

This is a program that was created by the federal government to help conserve energy. The program is intended to provide assistance to those who may have difficulty making ends meet, such as low-income individuals and seniors. Our goal is to help them make their homes more comfortable while saving fuel and money on their energy bills. Weatherization assistance is available at no cost to eligible applicants. Customers can save money on their annual energy costs by making a few simple changes.

Williamson County emergency services program

The resources in this section can only be used once. This assistance is for people who are in an emergency or crisis situation and need help with money. The aid is for people who need basic life necessities like a place to stay, medicine, health care, etc. There are other ways to get free health insurance or care besides this.

Homeless prevention resources are available in Williamson County. If you are facing eviction or are unable to pay rent, you may be able to get help from the government. Case management is a system that helps people with chronic illnesses or disabilities to coordinate and obtain the health care and social services they need. Landlord/tenant mediation is a way for landlords and tenants to resolve their differences without going to court. Case management can also help people with chronic illnesses or disabilities to get the health care and social services they need. The homeless in Illinois may be able to get help from the state to pay for part of a security deposit on a new home.

Crosswalk Community Action Agency is located in West Frankfort, but they also help people who live in Marion and Williamson County in Illinois. To learn more or to apply for assistance, you can contact them at (618) 932-6438. If you need help with money, Crosswalk Community Action can give you more information about financial resources.

Additional assistance programs in the region

The Williamson County Program on Aging offers home-delivered meals to elderly residents who are 60 years of age or older, live at home, and are not in a nursing home. It’s usually a meal eaten around lunchtime, but at the same time the senior receives companionship. The phone number is 618.988.1585. Some religious organizations also help care for disabled people.

Senior Adult Services is a program for the elderly that is similar to the one for adults. Agencies that work with seniors can help them understand and access programs like Medicare or discounted prescription drugs. If you need assistance with food, there are options for both congregate and home-delivered meals. The Marion Senior Citizens Center provides opportunities for socializing, learning, and staying active through various programs. These programs include activities such as cooking, gardening, and exercise classes. The center also offers health services and information. To speak to someone at the company, call 918.997.9019.

There are many clinics that offer free or low cost medical care and assistance with bills. The Bridge Medical Center offers a free medical clinic for those in need. The clinic provides basic medical care and services to the community. For more information, please call 618.294.8330. Health care services are offered for the working poor who lack insurance. They may not have insurance through their employer, or their employer may not offer it.

The Abundant Health Resource Clinic provides free medical care and case management services to low-income residents who do not have access to healthcare through insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, or any other means. Medical professionals often help those who are not as fortunate as others. 262.1234 for an operator To reach an operator, please dial 618.262.1234. This is the recommended daily intake for this product.

People with disabilities often have difficulty getting by. Some people only have a few hundred dollars to spend each month. There are plenty of resources available for people with disabilities, both in Williamson County and around the country. A variety of services are offered, including medical equipment, cash loans, eye exams, and supportive housing. There are many different programs available to people with disabilities. Some programs provide financial assistance, while others offer services or support.

The Salvation Army has a few social service centers, thrift stores, and food pantries in the Marion Illinois region. There is some case management and financial aid available in different parts of the county. Most of the resources are administered by their Family Services department, which can include providing free food, rent assistance/homeless prevention, and free Christmas meals and gifts. School uniforms and supplies may be given out as well. They help low income people and seniors. The Williamson County Salvation Army provides assistance to people in need. This may include help with food, clothing, and other basic necessities. The organization also offers other services such as disaster relief and financial assistance.

Another local non-profit is the Hands of Hope Family Clinic. Call the number 618.998.8282 The center provides free medical care to low income working families who are not insured by any other means. They also recommend clinics. There are a number of ways to find free or low-cost health care in Illinois. One way is to contact your local health department or community health center. Another way is to search online for free or low-cost health care providers in your area.

The Marion Ministerial Alliance provides financial assistance for rent, heating bills, and utilities in emergency situations. The organization also provides monthly food boxes and lunches to children, seniors, and local families. The government may also provide assistance with loans, security deposits, or utility payments. To place an order, please call 618.993.8419.

The Williamson Family Crisis Center provides resources and support to families facing eviction, homelessness, and other difficult circumstances. Services include temporary shelter, case management, and eviction prevention. For more information, call 618.988.8020. If you’re looking for a new home or need help getting back on your feet, we can help.

is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization providing food assistance The Harvest Deliverance Center Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides food assistance to people in need. A soup kitchen is a place where people can go to get a free hot meal. An emergency food box is a box of food that is given to people who are in need of food. For information and intake, please call 618.252.0009.

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