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Williamsport Salvation Army assistance programs.

Programs can help solve a short term crisis, but Salvation Army case workers will also help clients become economically self-sufficient and stable. The Salvation Army in Williamsport, Pennsylvania offers a variety of services to those who are unemployed or have low incomes. These services include food assistance, clothing, and much more.

In an emergency, people can get the help they need. The Salvation Army is committed to providing food for families in Lycoming County who are in need. The region provides many meals for children and senior citizens, including some home-delivered meals. The services are offered all year and volunteers and staff have a mission to make sure no one in the community will be in need. If you need food or groceries, call 570-326-9187 to find out what might be available.

More money may be given as well. There are times when people may need help paying for their bills or rent. People often have difficulty paying their electricity or gas bills, especially during periods of extreme cold or heat. Some people are in danger of being forced to leave their homes. This means that there is a possibility that money for these expenses may be available, depending on how much money is available. This means that the Salvation Army has a limited amount of resources available to them. So they will do their best or a case manager may offer referrals to their extensive network of other non-profit organizations or government resources. All of these groups have the same goal of providing the basic necessities for families or individuals. You will need to make an appointment by calling in advance.

The Angel Tree Program is always ready to help. The store provides free clothing, toys, and other goods for children from low-income families. This service is typically offered to children who are 12 years of age or younger. Over the past few years, over 1000 children from Lycoming County have received some form of assistance from either the Angel Tree or Adopt a Family program.

The Angel Christmas Tree has tags with different people’s names and Christmas gift ideas. Someone from the community will take a tag off of the tree and buy the corresponding gift for that person. The person who fulfills this role will need to purchase gifts that correspond to the child’s wishes. People in Lycoming County donate presents to the Salvation Army, who will give them to children.

The Toys for Tots program is another option. If your child’s name was not picked through the Angel Tree Program, this resource may have toys and gifts that can help.

There may be food and meal distribution from Christmas Baskets in Williamsport. The Salvation Army provides low income and needy families with free holiday food baskets in partnership with local food pantries. This means that they can have all the food that they need for Thanksgiving and Christmas in one place. The goal is to provide families in need with food to get through the holiday season. The programs operate with donations from the community.

These programs provide help to those who have been affected by natural disasters. They can include financial assistance, counseling, and other support. The Salvation Army has teams of experts who deal with emergencies and disasters across Pennsylvania.

A food pantry is a place where people can go to get free food. There is a process to apply which will include verifying your income with paperwork, showing proof of who lives in your household, and providing social security numbers for everyone in the household.

Assets For Independence helps people save money and improve their credit score. The Salvation Army is sponsoring this anti-poverty strategy to help working poor and low-income people move towards greater self-sufficiency. It will help them save money and buy things like a house, college education, or a business. Any money you save will be doubled by the AFI program.

This service offers workshops and classes in Lycoming County. Sessions can help individuals reduce debts, improve credit scores, and increase knowledge of finances. The money saved in the Individual Development Account (IDA) will be combined with this money.

The goal of Project Break Through is to help clients become more independent and stable. The program will assist individuals in setting goals, offer individuals a mentor, and present classes and workshops to help people reach their goals. The topics of these classes and workshops include, but are not limited to, job skills, financial planning, and parenting.

Salvation Army centers in Lycoming County

The address is 457 N Market St., Williamsport, PA. The phone number is (570) 326-9187.

The address is 111 E Main St. in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania and the telephone number is (570) 748-8854.

The third location is at 25 W 4th St, Williamsport, PA. The phone number is (570) 327-3035.

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