Rent Assistance

Windham County rent assistance.

If you are a tenant in Windham County and are struggling to pay rent, you can apply for emergency rent assistance or housing resources. If you are homeless, you can use local shelters. The assistance programs offered by the county are part of the regional homeless prevention and rapid rehousing resources. These programs can include grants for rent, free legal aid, short-term shelters, and loans from the Department of Social Services.

Some resources that are available to people in Windham County include the HUD section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program and the rent bank. There are also more localized housing services run by organizations such as charities and non-profits. The agencies want to help those who struggle to pay rent, are elderly, are single mothers, or have a disability.

There are many agencies that can help with different housing matters like rent, shelters, loans, and legal assistance. There are many different types of resources located throughout Windham County.

The Windham County Department of Social Services is a government office in Willimantic, Connecticut that offers three different housing programs. The office is located at 676 Main Street and their phone number is (866) 327-7700. Some assistance programs are only temporary, like the TANF emergency rent assistance program. Others are long-term, based on income, like the Section 8 HUD Housing Choice Voucher program. They offer either a one-time payment or ongoing financial aid. The last resort for help is the Rent Bank, which helps with rehousing security deposits, and more.

Connecticut Legal Services Inc. provides pro-bono advice to tenants in need. They have an office located in Willimantic, Connecticut and their main phone number is (860) 456-1761. They also help immigrants and minorities who are not treated equally when trying to find a place to live. If you are having legal problems and need help, you can get free legal aid. This means that someone will help you with your legal problem for free. You can also get help from a mediator. This is someone who can help you and the person you have a problem with talk to each other and try to solve the problem. If you are being evicted from your home, you can get help from Eviction Help.

The Holy Family Home and Shelter is a place where people can go to get help and shelter. You need to dial 211 first to access shelters. There is no direct sheltering offered. The address is 88 Jackson Street in Willimantic, Connecticut. Call the number 860-423-7719. They only help those who are struggling to support themselves and their children.

The Windham Area Interfaith Ministry (WAIM) provides financial assistance for back rent, energy bills, mortgages, and other expenses as part of their Unmet Needs Program. The program is located at 866 Main St. in Willimantic, Connecticut, and can be reached by calling (860) 456-7270. This organization provides financial assistance to those who are in need.

The phone number is (860) 423-0977. The organization provides services to families in Windham County. The Christian church may offer financial assistance for expenses such as rent, utility bills, and free food. They focus on helping the poor and low income who are working towards self-sufficiency. The housing and rent assistance programs can help them avoid being homeless.

The non-profit organization Access Community Action Agency is located at 1315 Main St., Suite 2 Willimantic, CT 06226. The main number for the organization is (860) 450-7400. The organization offers eviction prevention services. The Rent Bank provides financial assistance to help cover rent costs, while free legal aid, mediation, and related services are also available to help resolve any disputes. There is also help with mortgages. If you want to apply for an emergency rent program, you’ll need a notice that says you have to pay your rent or leave your home, or a notice that your home is being foreclosed on.

The Windham Region No Freeze Hospitality Center is a place where people can go to stay warm during cold weather. It is located at 75 Bridge Street in Willimantic, CT. If you need help with anything, you can call 211 and they will help you out.

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